On June 25, CARTA initiated express bus service between Summerville and downtown Charleston. This is a good step forward in providing viable public transportation for the Lowcountry.

When CARTA makes available express routes like this, commuters are more likely to leave their cars, resulting in decreased roadway congestion and fuel usage.

On the same day, CARTA made significant and much less publicized changes to some West Ashley routes. This is a step backward.

Orange Grove route No. 302 has been eliminated. St. Andrew’s No. 301 and Northbridge No. 32 routes have been changed and elongated.

As a result, residents along Ashley River Road between Magwood Road and Shadowmoss will have no service or service once an hour going in only one direction.

Riders who wish to travel from the main West Ashley CARTA interchange at Citadel Mall to Highway 61 subdivisions will have an additional 30 minutes in travel time.

Travel from the Highway 61 area into Citadel Mall, connecting with the West Ashley express bus into downtown Charleston will also be adversely affected.

Employees of the Medical University and the College of Charleston, the majority of the ridership on the West Ashley express route, will not be able to use the Route 32 bus because it does not arrive at standard work hours.

These changes have been made without public meetings and or advance notice.

CARTA needs to make travel by public transit an attractive alternative, not a burden to be borne because there is no other alternative.

It seems that when CARTA takes a step forward it takes two steps back.

Tom Morinelli

Garden Creek Road


Alex Sanders used R.L. Schreadley’s recent column lead, a quote Schreadley attributed to Winston Churchill: “If you are not a liberal at 20, you have no heart. If you are not a conservative at 40, you have no brain,” to score amusing points at Schreadley’s expense.

Sanders didn’t mention, though, that the quote, like many that are “attributed to,” was bogus.

Francoise Guizot made the original remark; viz., “Not to be a republican at twenty is proof of want of heart; to be one at thirty is proof of want of head.”

Not liking that, a conservative, too lazy to come up with his own remark, changed it to the canard it is today. Another conservative attributed it to Churchill, and those without intellectual honesty were off and running.

Guizot (prime minister of France, 1847-48) favored a constitutional monarchy, as opposed to a republic. Today monarchists infest the conservative/Republican camp, as witness all those red capes, sashes and brooches on the members of the American Society for Tradition, Family and Property wandering about this spring’s Values Voter Summit.

Schreadley, and fellow Post and Courier columnist Edward Gilbreth, with his recent paean to arch-conservative Russell Kirk, seem fixated on a superior ruling class, be it Schreadley’s beloved but fantasized military or, well, those who are just superior, and we know who they are.

Such effrontery.

David Peterson

Mariners Court

Port Royal

Almost every article and headline in The Post and Courier has failed to mention why the Affordable Health Care Act was upheld by the Supreme Court. It was not upheld under the Commerce Clause as intended, but because it is a tax, which Obama has repeatedly claimed he would not impose on families making less than $250,000. This law most certainly will, as it contains a number of taxes within it.

In an interview with George Stephanopolous of ABC News, President Obama over and over denied that it would be a tax. Turns out that’s what it is.

The Post and Courier seems reticent to highlight why Chief Justice John Roberts made the decision he did about the Affordable Care Act, a misnomer to be sure since it is not so affordable. It will add an estimated $2 trillion to $4 trillion to our deficit in 10 years. That seems like news people could use.

Amy Samonds

Edisto Ferry Road

Edisto Island

I am appalled by the Board of Zoning Appeals decision to permit the sale of St. Andrews Lutheran Church at 143 Went-worth St.

The beautiful altar with the painting of the risen Christ above, the mahogany pews, the small graveyard with tombs dating back 150 years, including the graves of the daughters of Admiral de Grasse, this is to be a residence? I urge the BZA to rescind its vote.

Kathryn K. Matthew

St. Michaels Alley


The Post and Courier’s June 20 news article regarding street potholes touched only a portion of vehicle damage that can easily occur driving South Carolina highways and roads.

Severe forces are involved when a vehicle at 70 miles per hour drops a wheel into a wide and deep pothole.

The impact cannot only knock vehicle front wheels out of alignment, it can burst even the best of tires, damage the tire cords so badly the tire can blow out anytime, destroy the best of shock absorbers and severely impair the safety of a vehicle.

Impacts of large and deep potholes can bend a wheel axle and damage the roundness of wheel bearings and associated race rings.

Last May, my wife and I drove I-26 to Greenville, hitting several potholes along the way and two very wide and deep pot holes as we left Columbia. The car began to sound different.

We determined the whirring noise had to be related to wheel motion, but it got progressively louder and it changed at various speeds. We drove straight to the Bradshaw Cadillac dealer on Wade Hampton Boulevard in Greer.

A right front wheel was found to be making the noise. The repair, including a wheel spindle, came to $593.70.

J.R. Stowe

Retired engineer

Sparrow Drive

Isle of Palms

A recent article reported on the enhancement of brain power by simply chewing gum. The article said that the impact of different flavors may vary and you might want to give several different varieties a try.

I’m not sure about all of this, but one thing I do know: There is still plenty of space on those downtown utility poles in case your preference is to just stick it somewhere.

Jim Way

Highway 78


A contempt citation for Eric Holder? The U.S. House of Representatives has become contemptible. The Tea Party children are at it again. I hope President Obama treats them as such.

This is a good reason for the people of the United States to rid themselves of these people. Every one of them is up for re-election. It’s time to clean house. The business of government is meant for adults, not ignorant school boys playing little tricks.

William A. Johnson

Serotina Court

Mount Pleasant

It is a sad day for women when Gov. Nikki Haley has to resort to name calling and using the “I, the victim” card.

The real victim here is John Rainey, who through the governor’s legal maneuvers was kept sequestered for 12 hours in a holding cell, prevented from listening, speaking or even seeing and thus participating in a complaint where he was the complainant.

One thing this legal maneuver proved is that Gov. Haley did not want to confront Mr. Rainey. A real “victim” would have wanted to confront her accuser, not have him locked up, silenced and tethered and then show up to pontificate.

Mr. Rainey has shown through his 70 years is that he is not a “racist, sexist bigot.” All one needs to do is look at his record, which stands up very well against hers.

Margarita E. Lynn

Lakeview Drive

Mount Pleasant