Harbor View Elementary is in jeopardy of losing its computer lab instructor due to budget cuts.

However, due to “cuts in other areas,” three new high-ranking Charleston County School District positions are being created.

Each position will have a $20,000-$30,000 a year salary increase from an already comfortable salary of over $100,000.

These increases alone would pay for computer instruction for children at Harbor View Elementary.

Harbor View’s computer lab cut may not be directly funding these salaries; however, those salary increases would be better suited to benefit the children of this school.

Let’s make sure our children get the crucial instruction they need first.

Melanie Snipes

Yale Drive


We now have a 1st Congressional District representative committed to reducing government spending. But first consider the need to fund overdue repairs to South Carolina’s deteriorating roads and bridges.

The Transportation for America report on South Carolina bridges notes that the states cannot keep up without federal support, and that according to the Federal Highway Administration, $70 billion would be necessary to address the current backlog of deficient bridges. Bridge collapses tend to be very unpleasant events; recall the 2007 interstate bridge collapse in Minneapolis took 13 lives and injured 145 more.

Five years later, Andrew Hermann, president of the American Society of Engineers, noted that “Congress lacks the courage to do what is needed to raise the funds” necessary for maintaining the nation’s infrastructure.

No one likes taxes. The Tea Party, which endorsed Mark Sanford, has a platform that promotes: 1) Eliminate excessive taxes, 2) Eliminate the national debt, and 3) Eliminate deficit spending.

There is no way that platform, espousing the philosophy driving the current House of Representatives, can accommodate the spending necessary to repair the nation’s infrastructure.

The unfortunate consequence is that it will take a catastrophic collapse to jolt Congress into the deficit spending necessary to repair infrastructure. The only sure thing is that, without the needed infrastructure repairs, that collapse is going to happen.


Oak Marsh Drive

Mount Pleasant

Regarding the student punished for sending a derogatory tweet, I find the actions taken by the school administrators and the school boards totally disgusting.

I find it hard to believe that in this day and age of enlightenment such actions could occur.

Yes, the young lady was wrong, and she was punished for her actions with a suspension. That is where it should have stopped.

Jim Adams

Lockwood Drive


It is strange to see all the accolades heaped on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Try as I might, I can find little that is praiseworthy or positive that has occurred or been accomplished on the international scene in the past four years due to her efforts.

The situations in North Korea and Iran are more dangerous than when she took office; nothing has improved in the Israel-Palestinian situation; the situations in Egypt, Syria and Libya are worse; and we allowed an ambassador and others to be killed in Libya while we did nothing, and it appears more and more that there was a cover-up; relations with China and Pakistan have not improved any measurable amount.

Instead we praise her for visiting over 100 nations at considerable taxpayer expense to accomplish very little, if anything.

Presidential material? Not even close.

David Fleshman

Seignious Drive


As America follows, with increasing nausea, the elaborately choreographed kabuki of charges, denials and lies being performed in Washington over the issues of Benghazi, the Orwellian activities of the Internal Revenue Service, and the Justice Department’s phone tapping of The Associated Press, there is a longing for just one person — one righteous person — who will come forward and say, as once was said before the Assizes in Arras: “I am Jean Valjean!”

To be plausible, the 21st century version of that wonderful 19th century morality tale would have to involve Obama, or one of his acolytes, standing before the court to admit guilt, and saying, “I am George Bush!”

We are doomed. We really are.

C.W. Watson

Bull Street


At least we know that our newspaper and 64,818 voters feel that character is more important than party.

And that’s a good thing.

Glenda Owens

Wappoo Hall Road