The media, not just The Post and Courier, need to get at least one fact straight regarding gun rights legislation.

As best as I can remember, every article, editorial or news report refers to the current struggle in the Legislature as gun owners wanting to carry in bars, “bars” being the operative term.

While this may be true for a minority of gun owners, it is not the reason most concealed weapons permit holders want to ease the present restriction. We simply want to carry our legal weapons with us in nice restaurants.

Current law prohibits carrying into any place that serves alcohol for consumption on the premises. It makes no differentiation between nice restaurants and the corner bar. This prohibits me from taking my family to Applebee’s, Ruby Tuesday and a large majority of the restaurants in downtown Charleston if I want to keep my concealed weapon on me.

There is a big difference in a bar and a nice restaurant that serves alcohol. A person goes to a bar to drink and party. A person goes to a restaurant to eat, often with one’s family.

Now you may ask why I would ever need to carry self-protection to a nice restaurant. In many places self-protection is not a problem. West of the Ashley, for instance, many restaurants have parking within a few steps of the front door.

How about downtown Charleston? Is downtown crime free? Not the last time I read the newspaper. Do I get a police escort when I leave a downtown restaurant at 10 p.m. and walk four blocks to my parking space? No! So why does the law prohibit me from protecting myself and my family and likely others nearby?

We would have no problem if the law defined bars and restaurants that serve alcohol separately. Why doesn’t it do that? Most people have no problem telling the difference between “Eighty-two Queen” and the “Do Drop In.”

Don’t restrict my dining to McDonalds and Chick-fil-A if I am one of the good guys who carries a gun.

Lowell H. Knouff

Elaine Street

Johns Island

Regarding Benghazi, spying on the press and the IRS targeting specific groups: The administration, the IRS, the State Department and the Department of Justice so far have consistently answered, “I don’t remember,” “I don’t know,” or have “taken the Fifth” on the grounds that it might incriminate them.

One can only conclude that they are either incompetent, ignorant, or crooks.

Maybe all three.

Terry Williamson

Spalding Circle

Goose Creek

Towns and cities across the country have put themselves in a pickle by limiting cable TV to sometimes one, maybe two providers. Competition is good. If Comcast had some real competition last week’s outage would not have happened. Towns need to have more providers for these types of services.

Mike Roderick

North Highway 17

Mount Pleasant

The Bible is true, and the moral standards found therein still apply even though it is the 21st century.

I recently read where a grammar school in Missouri announced “cross gender day” where the boys were to dress like girls and vice versa. Thank God the parents vehemently objected to this perverted idea, so the school changed the name to “switch out day.”


They just didn’t get it.

Then, President Obama earlier declared that same-sex marriage is perfectly acceptable.

Oh yes, and if a child shows up at school with “Jesus” on the front of his shirt, he is sent home. Yet, if a child shows up with the picture of a witch or skull and crossbones, nothing is said.

God, who is very real, sees all this, and is taking notes. This is still a Christian nation, even though the president renounced that very early in his first term of office. Christians need to become more outspoken about what is invading our nation and society if we intend to restore biblical values in our great country — or are you just too busy surfing the Internet and watching reality TV to even have a clue?

Rev. Mike Moore

Pimpernel Street


What a crime against Mother Nature. Why can’t developers and the Department of Transportation leave trees standing? We watched bulldozers chop down beautiful old trees at Beazer Homes’ huge new Stonebridge development on Secessionville Road.

Every animal was displaced, and what it took nature hundreds of years to create was gone in a few days. My heart broke every time I saw a truck haul away the remains. I am a proud tree hugger.

So now we’ll have another huge development with spindly little trees which will take years to grow, shade and nourish.

As to the trees on I-26, I have read the many letters to the editor pleading that they be spared.

I want to add my voice to the chorus of people who understand that drivers are the problem, not trees. Will we ever learn not to mess with nature?

Cynthia Greene

Majestic Oaks Drive

James Island