A May 10 letter titled “Bomber’s rights” recognized no concept of constitutional law, and the right to a lawyer and a fair trial. Under the Constitution of the United States all persons are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law by a jury of their peers if they so desire.

Anything said by any suspect who has not been given his rights is not admissible in a court of law. The question of the accused’s guilt is not for us as individuals or the news media to determine.

While I consider any act of terrorism to be a heinous and cowardly act, I spent 20 years of my life defending the Constitution of the United States. I did this for all U.S. citizens, not just those who had the extreme good fortune of being born in the United States.

In contrast, under communist or Nazi rule the simple act of accusation was sufficient for the execution of a death sentence.

I would suggest that if the writer considers accusation and arrest sufficient for a guilty verdict without legal representation, he move to North Korea, where this form of justice exists today.

Abe Merriam

Pequannock Road

Goose Creek

I have been reading with interest about the recent school bullying incident. If there were other bullies this year at that school or other schools in the Charleston system, were they allowed to walk the stage for graduation?

I am happy to see that Charleston takes any form of bullying seriously. I would like to see Berkeley County get serious about the bullying they have, especially at the Daniel Island School. They have had three to four principals in the last five or six years and bullying has been a constant at that school.

Some children are now being home schooled, others have transferred or are transferring to other schools because the school administration doesn’t punish kids who bully. They feel it is better to “talk to them.” The bullies at the school have learned they have to be “talked to” then can go back to same old same old.

So, while I believe Charleston may have overreacted, at least they are paying attention, unlike Daniel Island which is an accident waiting to happen.

Cris Bernstein

Prestwick Court


Protester Jerome Smalls’ dissatisfaction is shared by many who would not have the audacity to stand alone in front of City Hall.

Mayor Joe Riley’s policies with wanton disregard to Charleston’s distinctively Gullah heritage, have largely deracinated the peninsula.

Additionally, should these policies proliferate, the same will happen to James, Johns and Wadmalaw islands. It has already begun.

It seems unfair that your article gave the last word to the satisfied man of privilege in contrast to the man who appears to be acting out of principle.

David Mikell

Bears Bluff Road

Wadmalaw Island

Kids at Harbor View Elementary really like Mrs. Findlay as our computer teacher. She taught me how to write a letter on the computer, and that is helping me right now.

She also is doing a good job of giving kids directions on how to type. Some kids do not have computers at home so they need to know how to use them to grow up and have jobs.

Parents are saying that there is not money in the budget for our computer lab next year. I think Mrs. Findlay should stay so please, school board, find money for her to stay.

Jane F. Watts Second Grade, Age 7

Cheraw Drive


The problem with smartphones is they are owned by too many people who are not very smart.

At the top of the list are state senators and representatives.

William Grimsley

Roselle Avenue

Goose Creek

After watching the hearing of the Benghazi attack on our embassy, I can’t help but think that the Democrats think that the American people are so naive and gullible they would believe anything they are told. I, for one, think that the Democrats who questioned the three so-called “whistle-blowers” tried their best to perpetuate the lies that we were told as if they were the truth.

Each partisan Democrat challenged the three men as if their facts were questionable even though they were involved during the attack on our embassy during real time.

It’s typical of the Democrats to try and rewrite the truth as they see it to misinform the public. This has been an ongoing method of operation ever since Obama became president.

If you lie, then lie with force, so that anyone questioning said lie will back down, such as in the case when Secretary of State Hillary Clinton bellowed at the committee questioning her, “What difference does any of this make now?” She basically went on the offensive to deny a real answer of her culpability, which brings me back to the hearing.

The pathetic attempts by the Democrats to skewer the truth at the hearing backfired. Gregory Hicks, Mark Thompson and Eric Nordstrom didn’t back down. Their non-partisan dedication and loyalty to their jobs was impeccable.

As a combat Marine veteran, I think the most despicable act committed by Hillary Clinton and the Democrats was nonfeasance of office — they failed to do anything. What the public should demand is charges of malfeasance in office as well as the above to be brought against Clinton and all who lied to cover up their incompetence that got our ambassador and his men killed.

Gregory J. Topliff

Glenwood Drive


Do you remember the word Barack Obama used to justify keeping abortion unrestricted? He used the word “burden.” That was what he called his grandchild should one of his daughters get pregnant and not want to face the consequences of her actions. It would be his grandson or granddaughter. He said he wouldn’t want his daughter “burdened” by an unwanted child.

Wouldn’t it have been great if he said, “If my daughter gets pregnant, we will either raise the child or give it to a family who can’t have kids and wants one.” His daughter would need to finish school, not be burdened.

I was always taught that two wrongs don’t make a right, and I was taught to value life. I am against the death penalty, war, euthanasia and abortion.

What is Barack Obama teaching his children and by extension, ours? Don’t help the helpless?

Dave McBee

Green Park Lane

Goose Creek

I feel deeply saddened for the American soldiers who return home from battle maimed and for those families whose loved ones return home in flag-draped boxes. Very seldom do the news media, and never does the president of the United States, mention these brave soldiers by name. The president doesn’t have time for the small stuff like recognizing each wounded or dead soldier.

But when a professional basketball player proclaims he is gay, President Obama, the commander in chief of America’s military forces, takes the time to make a personal phone call to congratulate the player on his bravery for “coming out of the closet.” I’ll take the soldiers’ brand of real bravery any day.

I keep thinking that the lack of integrity on the part of this president has reached a new low with each of his failures, but each of his blunders overshadows the previous one. Former President Bill Clinton brought disgrace to the office of the President, but Clinton’s damage to the fiber of America was like splinters in the flesh compared to the head wounds inflicted by President Obama. Does Obama not understand real bravery?

E. DuBose Blakeney III

Church Flats Road