The Post and Courier could not bring itself to use the word “wins” in its main May 8 headline — only in the subhead, along with the derogatory term “scrapheap.”

If your candidate had won by that nine-point lead, the headline would have read “Elizabeth Colbert Busch wins by a landslide.”

Since Mark Sanford won by nine points, perhaps it was a landslide victory. I will leave that to the political gurus to ponder, analyze and re-analyze ad nauseam.

I have been a subscriber to The Post and Courier for over 47 years. This newspaper has gone downhill since the days of Doug Donehue, who at least was funny, unlike some of the current crop of columnists.

William Grimsley

Roselle Avenue

Goose Creek

A few days ago I sent a letter to the editor saying how the extensive negative, personal attacks in the congressional campaign were affecting the public. It was not published.

After Tuesday night’s decisive win by Mark Sanford, perhaps the message will get across.

The attacks were slanted half-truths, gossip and character-assassination unrelated to his ability to represent the people of South Carolina. The most laughable assertion was that we were left without a leader. If that were true, the money we were paying for a lieutenant governor was wasted.

The legal system needs to be investigated for breaches, in that “sealed” court documents were publicized without consequences. This whole campaign has left a nasty taste in my mouth.

Elizabeth Colbert Busch’s campaigning tactics say a great deal about her character. I do not believe I could be persuaded to vote for her for dog catcher.

Mark Sanford “owned” every campaign assertion and character flaw. He did not make personal attacks.

She should have shown the same restraint.

Margaret Lentz

Hood Street


While we’re all exhausted from the recent race for the 1st District seat, I feel compelled to speak out about my personal experience regarding one very special candidate.

Elizabeth Colbert Busch is, and will always be, the dearest friend to me. Although we are miles apart in the political arena, my respect and admiration for Elizabeth will continue no matter the path she chooses to follow.

It was disheartening to listen to the brutal, slanderous lies about her character and her beautiful family, especially on talk radio.

Elizabeth is one strong, devoted woman, and if South Carolina thinks it’s seen the last of her, think again. She’s just begun.

Louise Anderson

Gordon Street


As a retired naval officer who was taught and observed the principles of true leadership and responsibility, I’m not sure if I’m saddened, surprised or both by the election results.

The next time I hear Republicans claim they hold the moral and ethical high ground I will chuckle because, shucks, I know they are just kidding.

Steve Malley

Seafarer Way


Imagine my total surprise upon reading an April 21 article in the Faith & Values section concerning same-sex marriage and coming to the realization that all mankind is gay.

The Rev. David A. Williams, rector of St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, referenced a few Scriptures that he says support same-sex marriages and unions.

My revelation was quickly dismissed when I read those selected Scriptures.

The Scriptures mention simple kindness and affection towards our fellow man; therefore, anyone who shows kindness and affection towards members of the same sex, be it father, brother, sister or friend would be “gay.”

This reasoning, coming from a church leader, is indicative of the sad state of our world.

Gregory Morris

Creekside Drive


A recent letter writer believes that the entire Muslim community needs to apologize for the actions of two murdering brothers, and he compares extreme Islam (“turns to Jihad”) and extreme Christianity (“loving and lovable”).

The writer apparently doesn’t watch the news enough. Extreme Christians have murdered doctors.

Paul Wilczynski

East Dolphin Street

North Charleston

In a recent letter to the editor, a physician accused our “governor’s henchmen” of stupidity, saying they advocated “just say no to sex and it will go away.”

Which henchman said that?

He said for years some had “struggled with attempts to incorporate scientific sex education into our school curricula taught by certified teachers.”

Would that be the same school curricula that have produced students who can barely read, can’t compete with other industrial nations in math and science, and can’t answer basic questions about history, geography, economics or government?

Human sexuality is not just biology. It’s a complex topic including mental health, social norms, morality and family values, including religion, even law and economics.

Tasking our school system with yet another program will lead to poorer results in all subjects, including human sexuality.

I would suggest that the AMA adopt guidelines, that every doctor from pediatricians to family doctors, specialists, and even emergency room doctors, spend a few minutes with every minor on every visit discussing human sexuality at a level appropriate to the patient’s maturity.

Bob Altman

Fern House Walk

Mount Pleasant

Mayor Keith Summey’s plan to build a new road to take traffic off Rivers Avenue, I-26 and Dorchester Road and dump it all on this new road and from there to Ladson Road and Miles Jameson Road obviously wasn’t given much thought.

I know the new plan is going to take a year and a half, but I live in Ladson, a small town between big North Charleston and Summerville. Maybe the mayor doesn’t care so long as he gets all that traffic out of North Charleston.

Trying to make cross-traffic turns from any of the developments springing up along Miles Jameson during rush hour is just about impossible. And once you get on Ladson Road, traffic is pretty much bumper to bumper. Maybe the mayor should give it a try so he’d know what I’m talking about.

We need to time our activities around traffic. Heaven forbid if we need to have an early-morning appointment. You’ll take your life in your hands.

Please, mayor, think about what you are proposing. It sounds like you are being selfish and thinking only of North Charleston.

Susan Haefner

Rice Circle


I thought the sequester was going to be “across the board.”

I suspect the lower half of the income spectrum in America doesn’t average getting on an airplane once a year.

But inconvenience a few businessmen, congressmen or investment bankers with airline holdups due to air traffic control furloughs, and it’s back to Congress to modify the sequester.

If a few thousand children lose free meals, well, tough luck.

Just another example of how the “right people” have a voice, while others don’t.

William A. Johnson

Serotina Court

Mount Pleasant