Bad policy

When I read the Sept. 8 letter regarding the Charleston County Aviation Authority meeting, I had one question:

Should one person or the full board have the authority to make a decision as large as firing the executive director? Sue Stevens is, and has been, a dedicated employee and director.

I would think that Rep. Chip Limehouse has enough to do without jumping into more responsibility. This is bad policy.

As a taxpayer, I am just speaking out.

Nelle Allen

Hickory Farms


Sacrificing beauty

I have read many letters to the editor expressing the need for completing I-526, constructing an “island greenway” and widening Bohicket Road on Johns Island.

Are we to sacrifice all natural beauty and sense of place to be able to reach a destination in less time?

Louise Bennett

Betsy Kerrison Parkway

Johns Island

Power play

I read with interest the recent articles about SCE&G’s counterproductive weather normalization rate adjustment program and Santee Cooper’s difficulty dealing with Alcoa.

It is sickening that Alcoa has managed to get an outrageously low rate for electricity from a public company while South Carolinians struggling to reduce consumption pay more.

Who wants to be responsible for losing Alcoa’s 600 jobs that pay $90,000 a year?

If Santee Cooper can arrange for cheap electricity for Alcoa, why not for residential users who invest in insulation to save energy?

Aluminum is very cheap these days because of overproduction, perhaps due to phenomenally low electric contract rates.

It takes a hefty seven kilowatt hours of electricity to make a single pound of aluminum from aluminum ore.

At SCE&G’s rate that’s about 86 cents. The aluminum is then made into beer cans which are frequently not recycled.

That same pound of aluminum may be produced for only 5 percent of the energy merely by melting old cans.

Let’s examine the feasibility of converting the Mount Holly plant to make aluminum from old cans instead of from imported ore.

This would cut imports, save energy and increase the life of landfills.

Surely at an average of $90,000 a year Alcoa’s employees are talented enough to develop a business plan to make this scheme work.

The alternative is a sweetheart deal on electricity so they can continue to profit by making virgin aluminum from imported ore that will end up in the nation’s landfills.

By the way, where’s our governor on this?

Donald Eaton

Harbor Point Drive

Mount Pleasant

ID inconsistency

As I understand it, the NAACP is against the voter ID law because it would disenfranchise certain groups from voting.

I read in the Sept. 7 Post and Courier that IDs would be required before anyone can vote in the Charleston NAACP elections this fall.

It makes you wonder who’s disenfrachising whom.

Lee Halley

Decatur Street

North Charleston

Losing heritage

I would like to share my insider’s view of Shem Creek fishermen.

Shrimp boats along Shem Creek are slowly disappearing. There are now eight trawlers there.

When I was a child, trawlers crowded the creek. It is now crowded with recreational boats and new homes.

My father is the captain and co-owner of the His and Hers on Shem Creek. Shrimpers, many who have lived on the water their entire working lives, are faced with ridiculous regulations from the town.

The Town of Mount Pleasant holds the “Blessing of the Fleet” annually.

This should benefit shrimpers in the town, but they have yet to see any proceeds over the years.

I hope the public is educated on just how important it is to save the fleet, which has called Shem Creek home for more than a century.

We are asking that you support fresh local shrimp. Imported shrimp hurts our industry.

Make smart choices when you buy shrimp. Make your way down to the docks for fresh local shrimp and choose restaurants that sell fresh local shrimp.

Taylor R. Smith

West Recess Road


Unhealthy option

The writer of a Sept. 5 letter praising the Canadian health care system stated the system worked like an assembly line.

I have lived in Canada, and I understand how this “assembly line” works. I want no part of it.

The letter told of someone who had a heart attack and received “efficient” care. Canadian doctors are very good.

However, this was an emergency, and it might have meant that someone who was scheduled for elective heart surgery was put back on the waiting list.

If another emergency surgery came in, then the person would be kept on the waiting list — maybe until his surgery became an emergency.

At times the government would not allow some hospitals to perform more than one open heart surgery a day due to lack of money.

I knew people who had to wait six months or longer for mammograms, even when there was a lump or tumor. The government, not doctors, is making these decisions.

“Assembly line” health care is a nice word for rationing.

With Obamacare, rationing is just what you will get.

Government bureaucrats who are not accountable to you and me will decide your health care.

I want no part of “assembly line” health care or Obamacare.


North Highway 52

Moncks Corner