I have for decades believed that a common-sense solution to many of the enduring problems at The Citadel could be achieved if all cadets were inculcated — from their very first day as “knobs” — with the maxim that “no behavior will be tolerated in the Corps of Cadets which would in the regular armed forces result in judicial or non-judicial punishment under the Uniform Code of Military Justice.”

Since Gen. Mark Clark’s time, there has been a successful honor system in place at The Citadel.

How about an “honorable system” now to go along with it? One that doesn’t train — or even allow — future military officers to do things for which they would surely be court-martialed in the real world.

Its creed: “Tough and realistic training; exacting standards; intelligent leadership by example ... always. Maltreatment of subordinates ... never!”

I know ours is an imperfect universe, but that ought to do it if rigorously enforced by the commandant and, more importantly, by the cadet chain of command.

And for my fellow troglodytes out there: This won’t mean the end of the plebe system, gentlemen — only, one hopes, the end of what have always been the least worthy parts of it.

C.W. Watson

Lt. Col., U.S. Army (Retired)

Citadel Class of 1958

Bull Street


Please vote yes for Dorchester District 2 schools. Dorchester County is growing, with more and more students moving into the area.

Schools are very crowded. Repairs are desperately needed in the older schools. We need to update vocational and career readiness classes so our children can give back to the community.

Right now many of the high school students have to travel to the career school for vocational classes which takes a lot of time out of their day. It would be beneficial if they could stay on campus.

Do your homework and visit a school, talk to a teacher or a board member and find out how important it is to vote yes.

Get to know who’s running for the school board; they are the ones that make important decisions for your children and their schools.

Attend a board meeting to find out what is being offered and new ideas that are being introduced.

Take an active part in your community.

Donna Romeo

Blair Road


In response to the recent “Wake up” letter, which managed to completely misinterpret the facts, let’s look at what has actually happened over the last four years.

When George W. Bush left office we had lost over 4 million jobs; we were losing 400,000 jobs per month; we were in two ill-advised wars wasting this country’s treasure and youth; Osama bin Laden was thumbing his nose at America; the housing market was in the dumps; the stock market was at 7,500 and going nowhere; unemployment was rapidly rising; and we were on the brink of a true depression.

Now look at where we are. We have recovered the 4 million lost jobs, added a million and had positive job growth for the past 31 months. Osama bin Laden is dead. We are out of Iraq and have a plan in place to get out of Afghanistan.

The stock market has nearly doubled in value, the housing market has improved and unemployment is at 7.8 percent and falling.

We are in a distinct recovery, and there is no reason for it not to continue unless we return to the economics of the Bush administration, the same policies espoused by the Romney/Ryan team.

What is remarkable is that all this has been accomplished without help from the Republicans in Congress.

In fact, the Republicans have blocked every attempt to pass legislation that would have fostered a faster and more robust economic recovery.

The Republicans have hindered the recovery and then blamed the present administration.

I know facts generally confuse conservatives, but this is so blatantly evident that even the most adamant Republican must see the realities of our economic recovery.

So indeed, please wake up.


5th Fairway Drive


I returned from a business trip in California on Oct. 27, and when checking my emails, I saw a reference to the massive hack of personal data held by the S.C. Department of Revenue.

According to the article, the Social Security numbers and other personal information of 3.6 million S.C. taxpayers have been compromised. This is virtually every taxpayer in South Carolina.

The article states that some of the data on file with the DOR were not encrypted.

If that is true, it is one of the most irresponsible data security failings ever to occur. Actually, irresponsible does not begin to define it. It is beyond the pale.

Gov. Nikki Haley is not responsible for the failure, but if quite a few heads do not roll on this one, she will be part of the problem. This is unconscionable.

And a whole bunch of folks standing in front of the cameras at a press conference looking appropriately glum and contrite means nothing. Quite a few responsible people were totally irresponsible.

Will the problem be fixed?

Robert J. Nagy, CPA

East Bay Street


In response to articles, many of which, in my view, have misrepresented the position of the Rt. Rev. Mark Lawrence, I write as an individual lay person.

A highly respected leader, Bishop Lawrence has maintained self-sacrificial loyalty to the Lord Jesus Christ and to the Christian Church. He keeps his vows.

It is the height of human irony to imply that he has in any way done otherwise.

If one would read his words, one would find that he has made every effort to speak truthfully in love and to act accordingly, keeping all of his promises as the Holy Spirit leads him.

When forced by the actions of the organization of the Episcopal Church in the United States to make a choice between the new canons and the founding canons, he feels compelled to stand with the earlier canons, for he believes that they are more faithful to the teachings of the church’s Lord — Jesus Christ. The overwhelming majority of diocesan clergy and laity stands with him.

Bishop Lawrence upholds the faith of our fathers that Jesus Christ is the promised Messiah, the Way as given by the creator to provide salvation and that the Holy Spirit guides the faithful.

He acknowledges the authority of scripture and gives his life daily in strenuous service.

He travels throughout the Diocese of South Carolina and beyond to serve congregations large and small. He teaches, prays for and works in efforts to help all sorts and conditions of people. How this world needs such leaders.

For years, Bishop Lawrence and his predecessors in this diocese have endured accusations by those who have not understood their positions. Bishop Lawrence has persevered with unrelenting love, even toward those who dislike him the most. He has remained gracious.

Parallels are apparent in early persecutions against the prophets of Israel and, indeed, with the Pharisees’ charges against Christ and his followers.

The true church in any age is to lead, not follow society.

I pray that God will bless Bishop Mark Lawrence and his family and the church throughout the world.

Catherine O. Jones

Montagu Street


There was an attack on our consulate personnel in Libya, and there was no response from the entire chain of command other than the “deer in the headlights” look.

Our president and his staff could not make a decision to respond and then tried to spin the lack of decision by blaming it all on faulty or piecemeal intelligence.

Where is the response from the U.S. Africa Command? Why is the CIA so closed- mouth on this issue? Did the FBI ever get to the compound and where is their report? Are the professionals in the Intel Community silenced by politics?

To make the right decision would be the best alternative, and even the second best alternative would be to make the wrong decision, but our government asserted the worst alternative and took no action and made no decision when faced with this terrorist attack.

Mike West

Captain, U.S. Navy (Retired)

Ashmont Drive


This is a letter of appreciation for the volunteers who came out to my home on Sept. 7 for the Annual Day of Caring.

The two groups of individuals represented the companies of Thomas & Hutton and Secure Mission Solutions.

The newspaper doesn’t report a lot about good news that is happening in our area. After I had the opportunity to see the work these people do when they decide to help someone, I wanted to share it with my community.

Through the volunteer program with Odyssey Hospice, I was invited to have volunteers come to my property for the Day of Caring. I suggested they clean up my yard and an old shed I was planning to tear down. They did much more. They got down and dirty and my property got clean.

The volunteers showed up and immediately began working. They trimmed my shrubs and trees and cut down barbed wire on my fence. They cleaned out my shed (which is the size of a two-car garage) and screened in my outdoor-sitting room, also known as “my cage.” I am now able to sit outside comfortably and eat without being attacked by bugs.

By the time they were done, I almost didn’t recognize my own property. They hauled so much junk to the side of the road that it took the Town of Mount Pleasant a truck and a half to get it all up.

This wonderful act of service was not only a help to me, but also to my daughter. She lives next door and works full-time while assisting me as best as she can. Due to a debilitating condition, I am unable to perform the necessary work to keep my yard maintained.

She had the opportunity to meet and thank the volunteers and was emotionally overwhelmed with gratitude. She couldn’t believe what wonderful people these individuals were to give up their time to support us.

This letter is a small example of my gratitude toward the volunteers of Thomas & Hutton and Secure Mission Solutions.

Benjamin Gaillard

5th Avenue

Mount Pleasant

I think President Obama has insulted the intelligence of women all over the country. While on the TV show called “The View,” he told everyone that he was just there as “eye candy,” which should tell you that he thinks he’s God’s gift to women.

News reports say that he has women’s and college-age votes. He looks younger so they consider him a hip equal and someone they can relate to, but is he?

He is 51 years old and not a product of their generation. What they have failed to see are the lies he tells.

He said that he would cut the deficit in half in his first term; he did not. He added more than $5 trillion to it.

He said that he would fix the immigration problem; he didn’t, even though he had full control of the House and Senate for the first two years. He said he would have an open administration; he didn’t.

He promised to have his health care bill on line for all to read before he signed it; he didn’t.

He said he would close Gitmo; he didn’t.

He said he would bring everyone together. Instead, he has divided this country by instigating class warfare between the rich and poor.

One of the biggest lies he has told is in regard to Libya.

He told the American people that the embassy attacks in Libya were about a film that insulted Mohammed. We were told it was a spontaneous protest that got out of hand.

It was not. Because of his negligence people were killed.

Obama thinks that women will ignore facts and vote with their hearts. That, to me, is insulting.

Gregory J. Topliff

Glenwood Drive