Thanks to your Robert Behre for reporting from the Democratic Convention on S.C. Democratic Party Chair Dick Harpootlian comparing Gov. Nikki Haley to the mistress and wife of Adolf Hitler.

We are no fans of Nikki Haley. We have nearly always voted for Democrats. Before moving here in 2004, I was Democratic Party chair of the Volusia County, Fla., party during the turbulent 2000 election.

We voted against Haley, whom we see as a self-serving Tea Party fanatic whose real concerns seem to be promoting herself, traveling on our tax dollars and fighting with her own party leadership. I have been active in the Dorchester County Democratic Party and served on its executive committee.

We were stunned, disappointed and furious that our state party chair could resort to such a vile, disgusting, Limbaughesque comment, which is not only contemptible but stupid. Look what the Limbaugh comment about Sandra Fluke did for her. She got a public forum at the convention. We asked director Harpootlian to resign and ask the Dorchester County Democratic Party to request the same.

We believe the Democratic Party best represents the middle class. And even more importantly, we respect women and know that such name-calling is contemptible. We call on everyone of either party who hates this tactic to e-mail and urge him to resign.

Our Democratic Party should not tolerate hatred of others, and we certainly do not need another Rush Limbaugh in this country.

Marylou Ielfield

Bob Ielfield

Sequoia Drive


A Sept. 11 article concerning I-526 again proved to me that the completion of I-526 is a political decision and that the will of the people is not even being considered.

According to the article, a S.C. Department of Transportation survey on the subject went to people in six Zip Codes: 29407 and 29414, both highly populated West Ashley areas; 29412, James Island; 29439, Folly Beach; 29455, Johns Island; and 29487, Wadmalaw Island.

Since one of the biggest issues is using the road as an evacuation route, I have several questions:

1) What does 29407 have to do with easy travel and evacuation since this area has Highway 17, Highway 61 and Highway 7, which are evacuation routes?

2) Why would 29414 need to use it as an evacuation route? This Zip Code runs all the way to Dorchester County and Summerville.

3) How many of the 5,000 questionnaires went to these Zip Codes, and what percentage of those responses were “finish” it?

4) How do I get actual counts of the population and survey data for each Zip Code?

5) Finally, why create a high speed, limited-access route that ends on the peninsula at a traffic light in a highly congested hospital zone with no access to any reasonably controlled way for the traffic to go? All you get is a larger traffic congestion zone. Shouldn’t the city have to make some type of concession to the traffic it is creating and welcoming?

This is a survey that proves again that politicians and developers have skewed to their view by including areas that have no business voicing opinions on life on the islands.

Alan Laughlin

Darwin Street

James Island

In light of the recent shootings across the country, you print an article about machine gun rentals with a huge picture of a smiling man in a black shirt holding a machine gun. What are you thinking?

Are you mad? You’re fired.

Leisa lawrence

Folly Road


I’m 70 years old and have been an independent voter my entire life. Watching and hearing what went on at the Democratic Convention made my choice very simple.

I can’t vote for the Democratic Party which wants to take God out of its platform and does not say Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.

They abruptly changed and reinstated the word “God” in their platform, only after objections of half the Democrats in the room. So half the Democrats still want the word “God” left out of their platform.

Be careful, America. If you don’t vote out the Democrats you will soon be reading the Koran instead of the Bible.

J. R. Van Vechten

Schooner Bend Avenue


As chair of this year’s American Cancer Society Relay For Life committee, I would like to thank residents of lower Berkeley County for their generosity and support. Thirty-two teams participated in this year’s event at Cane Bay High School in May, and we raised $79,000 to help the society’s fight for every birthday threatened by cancer, here and throughout the world.

But the story doesn’t end there. I posed a challenge to my teams and my committee to continue to raise money until Aug. 31, the close of our 2012 Relay season. The money continued to pour in and the Relay For Life of Lower Berkeley ended with more than $95,000.

This outstanding show of support proves that the people of lower Berkeley stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the American Cancer Society to achieve its mission of saving lives by helping people stay well, by helping people get well, by finding cures and fighting back.

We were honored that 80 survivors walked the opening survivors lap to kick off this year’s event and inspire hope in those battling cancer.

The backbone of this event was our teams.

Also, many volunteers worked to make this event a success. And we appreciate the generosity of our corporate sponsors.

Information is available at or call 1-800-227-2345. To help specifically with the Relay For Life of Lower Berkeley, please contact me at or 820-9579.

Jeanne Reddy

2012 Relay For Life Chair

Hearthstone Circle

Goose Creek

So much for the Arab Summer. President Obama hasn’t even issued a stern statement to Libya or Egypt. The president simply stated, “Justice will be done,” and walked away. The Secretary of State’s comment was “There is no justification for this kind of senseless violence.” If you remember, President Obama’s first trip abroad was to the Mideast, where he actually apologized for America’s policies and actions there.

The minute these well-planned attacks happened the president should have called the presidents of Libya and Egypt and told them that all of the monetary aid we give them is now cut off.

Any embassy in any country is considered the property of the embassy’s country. Attacks on our embassies abroad must be considered attacks on the United States.

As a show of strength, two U.S. naval ships were moved into the Mideast.

Mr. Obama needs to get some backbone. He snubbed Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu so he could get out on the campaign trail. (And, this isn’t the first time our president has snubbed the prime minister.)

He must remember that Israel is our ally and supplies us with a lot of intelligence. What would happen if Israel cut off this information?

I say cut off every penny, nickel and dime to Libya and Egypt. That money could be better used to trim our ever-growing deficit.

Ralph Miller

Hartford’s Bluff Circle

Mount Pleasant

I might be naïve, but I wonder why we can’t have photo booths set up at polling places that will supply government issued ID cards?

That way everyone who votes and doesn’t currently have an ID will have one for the next election, or for any other event that requires photo identification.

George Hill

Seminole Street

Mount Pleasant