Offensive timing How ironic that columnist Frank Wooten would choose Easter Sunday to describe those who believe in intelligent design as ludicrous.

It is understandable that adversarial, denigrating remarks may help stimulate the flagging readership of The Post and Courier, but it insults the intelligence of those who choose to believe differently than Mr. Wooten.

I do not believe that my ancestors were apes swinging from trees as Mr. Wooten apparently does, and I see no evidence in recorded history of humans in any evolutionary state.

Mr. Wooten’s belief in evolution is his choice and completely unfounded in my opinion, yet I do not belittle his ideas as ludicrous, only in extreme bad taste and callous indifference to those who hold a fervent hope that such expression of intelligence and humanity can only come from a wondrous source.

Michael Trouche Marsh Court Lane

Mount Pleasant Campus diversity

I would like to give the College of Charleston a grade of excellent for its new efforts to increase diversity on its campus.

The idea of requesting the higher education commission to establish a major in Afro-American Studies is a loser.

In trying to establish a major in Afro-American Studies you need to ask: “Is there a demand for a graduate with that major?” If so, where and what are the rewards such as salaries and longevity?

Here are my suggestions: 1) Create an environment where all students are welcome.

2) Provide a support system that will enhance your retention rates.

3) Encourage parents to talk with students and their faculty about individuals’ academic progress.

4) Expose students to individuals who can show them career paths to pursue.

5) Tell parents and students the truth.

These are just a few of the efforts you can pursue. They are endless.

Perry Leazer Certificate Court

Charleston VP not royalty The vice president is not royalty, but I guess he thinks he is. He tied up traffic all over the area so he could go on vacation, one that we paid for.

I know all of us who had to sit and wait, or find another way around this circus, believe our time is just as valuable.

The article stated that he notified Rep. Tim Scott on April 6 of his visit. Well, how about making better plans?

I understand that there were enough motorcycles, limos and SUVs to transport most of downtown to Kiawah.

Maybe he could have picked an earlier hour, or given more warning, so “we the people” would not have had to wait so his highness would not be inconvenienced by us commoners.

Sid Busch U.S. Navy, (Retired)

Bridgecreek Drive Goose Creek Too much booze

The liquor industry has brought alcohol from back alleys and bars to the living room. Grocery stores, restaurants, convenience stores and colleges are awash with alcohol.

Almost every problematic student behavior issue has at its roots in the over-consumption of alcohol.

By the time adolescents reach the eighth grade, 50 percent have had at least one drink and over 20 percent report having been drunk. Most of these children get their first drink in their own home.

Alcohol is responsible for 50 percent of all traffic fatalities in this country. Recent DUI deaths can attest to this. Underage alcohol use is more likely to kill young people than all other illegal drugs combined.

When parents and coaches drink alcohol in front of children, what can we expect? Some coaches say alcohol consumption is the No. 1 problem among athletes.

Every day three teens die from drinking and driving, and at least six more die from other alcohol-related causes, such as homicide, suicide and drowning.

Recent DUI deaths in the tri-county area should alarm everyone.

A.W. Mizell Storen Street North Charleston

Budget oversight A March 30 article by The Associated Press covered only the 228-191 approval of the GOP-driven budget by the House of Representatives.

The article failed to say that the budget submitted by President Obama was voted down 414-0.

That is every Democrat, except 15 who did not have the guts to vote, and every Republican. The administration has had no budget approved in 1,065 days. The previous attempt was voted down two years ago by the Senate 97-0.

President Obama has the guts to call the opposite party the “do nothing Republicans,” yet this is the one party that has proposed and approved a budget that would cut spending $5.3 trillion more than Obama proposed and cut taxes by $2 trillion.

When the media fail to report the facts it is no wonder that people vote the way they do.

Roger K. Steel Marsh Hen Drive

Seabrook Island