Congratulations to Thomas Elzey on being elected president of South Carolina State University.

How the Board of Trustees could vote 6-5 barely to elect him, given his financial background and acumen is beyond reason and surely will be a test for him.

If there is one thing taxpayers would like to see, it is a very detailed report on the whereabouts of over $50 million for a planned transportation center that seems to have vanished into thin air at the university.

The idea that Rep. Jim Clyburn, whose name is associated with this abysmal accounting for funds, does not stand up and ask for an explanation is disappointing.

If the board wants to set this university back on track, it needs to put into place the financial tools necessary to account for every dime that the taxpayers place in its hands.

The old TV commercial asked, “Where’s the beef?”

In this case, it’s “Where’s the money?”

Seymour Rosenthal

Waterfront Drive

Mount Pleasant

I appreciated the April 17 editorial, and the letter by Rep. Eddy Southard, giving us further feedback on the matter of trees in the I-26 median.

Mr. Southard wondered why more police officers don’t patrol the area and wrote, “I believe a blue light is still the best deterrent to speeding.”

I agree. I was recently stopped for speeding. I deserved the ticket. I told the officer I wished there were more state police who could enforce the speed limits on I-26 (so the trees wouldn’t be such a problem.) He said that several motorists had said the same thing to him that week.

He feels that the trees prevent someone who loses control of his vehicle from hitting a car coming in the opposite direction. He was sure the cable barriers would not do the same job. We can add his reasoning to all the other valid ones for leaving the trees alone. Rep. Southard recommended officers be assigned to the area for three months. Do we have any doubt that this would reduce the fatalities?

Trudy Bauer

Lochmere Court

Mount Pleasant

A tragedy is an unfortunate event that ends in a disaster.

When the Sullivan’s Island Town Council ignored Island residents’ certified petition for a referendum regarding the proposed Sullivan’s Island Elementary School (SIES), a tragedy was set in motion. Our town council forgot its first obligation is to the voters of Sullivan’s Island, not to the voters of other municipalities or Charleston County, and it certainly is not to the Charleston County School District (CCSD).

The CCSD has been motivated to build one-size-fits-all schools with little regard to the impact the new school will have on a small town like ours. The town brought $20 million to $25 million in town-owned property to the table and failed to negotiate anything in return.

Now, we hear CCSD is open to smaller schools in smaller communities like ours, and the 500-student minimum policy was never voted upon by the school board; therefore, it is not really a policy. If our town council had not acquiesced so easily to the all-or-nothing mantra from some individuals and the CCSD, we could have created a solution that would appeal to everyone.

Some are questioning why I did not file to run for mayor again. It was my hope that the right candidate for mayor would step forward, and if I were in the race, he or she would not run. This did not happen.

Suddenly, residents from all over the island began asking me if I would serve if I won as a write-in candidate. I have served the residents of Sullivan’s Island for 26 years, and in some small way, I have managed to make our island the great place it is today.

Without leadership in the right direction, all we have accomplished can be lost.

For these reasons, I will continue as mayor if that is the will of the people.

I believe with all of us working together, we can avert the potential tragedy of losing the community we hold so dear.


Town Hall

Sullivan’s Island

It is hard to imagine how insulting it must be for women voters to have the Elizabeth Colbert Busch campaign call up and in essence say “vote for me because I am a woman.”

I am confident that women in the 1st District have the intellectual capacity to understand issues and vote for the candidate who represents their values, not one of a certain gender.

There must be a reason the Democratic National Committee is spending so much money with the Colbert Busch campaign, and I am guessing it has to do with knowing that she will vote for the Obama socialist agenda.

Hank Weiland

Lotz Drive


I find it ironic that the writer of the April 24 letter titled “Bashing Sanford” is upset that The Post and Courier wrote about Mark Sanford in a negative light during the week of the Boston bombings and Texas explosions.

I seem to remember at the end of that same week Sanford took out a full-page ad in the same newspaper. He wrote about the bad week he’d had.

That’s pretty self-centered, if you ask me. Is it any wonder people don’t like him?

Cindi Sanders

Historic Drive

Mount Pleasant

After watching the Sanford-Colbert Busch debate, it was pretty obvious that it’s high time for “Yes, we can,” and that “Just say no” has gotten us, well, nowhere.

Yes, we can have great public schools and school choice rather than just say no to anything but vouchers for private schools that will gut our public school budgets.

Yes, we can fix our health care system rather than just say no to everything but costly and often unobtainable private health insurance.

Yes, we can make our social safety nets more efficient and secure rather than just say no to federal funding for the basic needs of our citizens.

Yes, we can have representatives who will fulfill their pledge of allegiance to our Constitution by working across the aisle to solve our nation’s debt problem rather than just say no to everything but their pledge of allegiance to lobbyist Grover Norquist.

And yes, we can elect someone who will be deserving of the public trust rather than someone who just says no, the rules don’t apply to me.

We can begin moving forward rather than go nowhere, again.

We can do that by not just saying no to a candidate because she has a “D” after her name.

Susan Romaine

I’On Avenue

Sullivan’s Island

You do not have to be a Republican to vote for Mark Sanford and less wasteful government spending.

Carol Bischoff

Center Street

Mount Pleasant

Brian Hicks seems to be quite the scientist and expert on global warming. Who are the 99 out of 100 climatologists he mentions in his April 12 column? Are these the “experts” who depend on government funding to keep their university jobs? Or does he believe influence is only influence if it comes from what he calls Big Oil?

Hicks says our state should declare that global warming does exist, and that we are the cause. Fair enough. Then what? Do we outlaw cars, air conditioners and water heaters in the state?

Scientists say that if everyone in our country were to do what I just suggested, it would take at least 100 years for the climate to change one degree.

Most people know the climate is changing. They just don’t believe that turning the United States into a Third World nation will cool the planet.

If he really wants to improve the planet, how about writing a column that doesn’t label people? Instead, give readers ways to work together, conserve, and live well.


Chucker Drive