A lasting legacy A man’s legacy is not what he has developed or built in his name as an elected official. It is the collection of friendships, shared love and basic caring for others, which lives on within others.

I do not know of any former official of my city more loved than the late Mayor Bobby Kinard.

Visiting his gravesite is heart-wrenching. Many visitors go apparently to offer homage.

We will never forget his political campaign, which ignited thousands to seek a new direction for the city.

His victory was felt particularly here in Northwood Estates, my home of almost 39 years, and in my childhood area of Chicora-Cherokee.

It meant something to the neighborhoods in between also. He fought for single-member districts. With his leadership, and the leadership of Judge Richard Ganaway, we got representation on City Council.

Unfortunately, Bobby and Richard left us too early. But their love for the people of North Charleston still lives on in the hearts, minds and vivid memories of what our dream for North Charleston was to be.

As council prepares to rename many of the city’s properties in honor of former Mayor John Bourne and Mayor Keith Summey, let these two men also be honored.

Jeanne Thomas-Vanco Delhi Road

North Charleston Daily annoyances

Three things have been bugging me for quite a while, and I feel compelled to vent.

The first is the wanton running of red lights in Charleston. When did stopping at a red light become optional?

I leave my home for work shortly after 6 a.m, six days a week. I witness people flagrantly running red lights on an almost daily basis.

Do these knuckleheads think because it’s early it’s acceptable? Do they think the entire Charleston Police Department is home in bed? Of course, I never see anyone get stopped for this.

Perhaps more traffic cameras would help to curb this insanity. It’s dangerous and needs to be addressed. We could significantly increase city revenues if we vigorously enforced red-light running.

The second issue is drivers who refuse to use their directional signals. Again, this is a common practice among a high percentage of local drivers. Is this too considered optional in Charleston?

Lastly, people who leave their dogs outside and let them bark incessantly until all hours of the night. Do you have no consideration for your neighbors?

A couple of these dogs live in very close proximity to my house. It really is annoying.

All you dog owners out there, when Fido starts barking would you please consider bringing him inside? Some of us have to get up early to go battle the non-signaling, red-light runners on our way to work.

Ahhhh, now I feel better. Michael Mintz

South Hampton Drive Charleston

Court’s duty In the Rose Garden on Easter Monday, President Obama stated that if the Supreme Court overturned Obama Care, it would be unprecedented and would be the same type of judicial activism that conservatives decry.

This statement is disingenuous to the point of being an outright lie.

In the recent past, the court has overturned laws passed by Congress on an average of two times per session. That’s the mission of the court, deciding if a law in question passes constitutional muster.

As for judicial activism, how does declaring a law unconstitutional qualify?

When I hear a court accused of judicial activism, I think of a judge using his power to legislate from the bench, as when judges forced school districts to implement busing to achieve racial balance.

For President Obama to accuse the Supreme Court of activism if the individual mandate is overturned shows his arrogance for the checks and balances this government is based on and his pattern of blaming others for the failures of his own administration.

Stew Williams Chisolm Road Johns Island

Bad move On the ABC Sunday morning news show “This Week,” George Stephanopolous anounced the addition of Keith Olbermann to his reporters roundup panel.

Yes, the same Keith Olbermann recently fired by two different networks for his radical rants, on air melt-downs and out-of-control behavior. What’s the matter, George? Hugo Chavez not available?

Van D. Hipp Sr. James Street

Walterboro Matter of priority

Let us guess which priority is more important to your newspaper: Giving your local readers important information for getting around when there is a road closing announced in Mount Pleasant, or picking on Nikki Haley?

Judy Reinhard North Shem Drive

Mount Pleasant