On Thursday I wake up and find out that the government is getting my phone records from Verizon Wireless.

What is not fair game to Obama and his band of merry men and women?

I guess the answer is nothing.

Ginny Corn

Club View Road


Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink. Good, clean water is becoming more and more difficult to find.

Inland lakes and streams have become so polluted that the Environmental Protection Agency recommends not to consume caught fish in states other than Wyoming, Montana and Alaska.

Utilities people are struggling to purify drinking water with chemicals and reverse osmosis (forcing water through a filter).

In most areas nothing is being done to deal with future water needs. Some farsighted individuals are ahead of the game by constructing protected reservoirs with no land runoff or other harmful chemicals.

Raymond Kelhoffer

Coosawatchie Street


My mother passed away May 10 after a long illness. She was a wonderful woman, who loved life and family. She was happiest in her kitchen cooking for others. Everyone will remember her chocolate chip cookies.

My parents lived in North Charleston for many years before moving to Hanahan.

While planning her services, we tried to adhere to her final wishes. We made arrangements with McAlister Smith, had her church services at Divine Redeemer and saw that she was buried at St. Lawrence Cemetery near my grandparents. I never would have believed that crossing town lines would cause the confusion that ruined her services for some of our family who came from out of town.

As we left the church, we were escorted by Hanahan police until we reached the North Charleston city limits. Imagine our horror when at the busiest intersection in the state, Rivers at Remount, there was no North Charleston police escort to the cemetery.

I am sure some people reading this letter will say police escorts during a funeral are a courtesy. They are correct, but it is a courtesy you pay for. Imagine being at the head of the funeral procession and watching half of your family left behind, unsure where the cemetery is or how to get back to where they just came from.

I want to thank the Hanahan Police Department for its courtesy and respect in escorting us. I would also like to ask North Charleston Chief Eddie Driggers and Mayor Keith Summey if their officers are so busy that they cannot escort a funeral procession?

My mother never had a traffic ticket, or a car accident. She will be remembered for her kindness and respect for others.

It is a shame that it was not returned to her as she made her last ride to her resting place.

Cheryl Dunn

Middle Street

Sullivan’s Island

The June 3 editorial titled “Boost school bus funding” was very compelling, as was an article on the need for funding mental health beds, the article on the need for funding road and bridge maintenance and the article on medical care for the needy.

People involved in these causes, as well as people involved in other good causes, feel that theirs is the most important. Their definition of government waste is the funding of any cause other than the one in which they are interested.

The obvious reason for all of these shortfalls is a lack of tax funds.

Republicans feel that when times are good taxes should be cut because the government is receiving a lot of money. When times are bad taxes should be cut because people need more money in their pockets.

Taxes have been cut so drastically by Republican presidents and governors that there is none left.

What this leads to is a lot of hand wringing when things must be paid for. When a bridge collapses, when a school bus crashes, when the needy and mentally ill flood emergency rooms everyone says “do something.” The last thing we should do is accept money from the federal government and admit that the Democrats did something right.

South Carolina is at or near the bottom of all categories that require government funding: education, mental and physical health, infrastructure, etc.

The politicians will never solve the problems because they are afraid that they will lose their job if they fix the tax mess; some special interest group may lose its exemption status. Closing tax loopholes takes moral courage. That is what is lacking most in Columbia.

Neal Gittleman

Park West Boulevard

Mount Pleasant

The best way to reduce the traffic load at the U.S. Highway 17 and Main Road intersection is to extend I-526 to Johns Island.

This will divert some traffic now using Main Road to I-526.

If the S.C. Department of Transportation doesn’t have the money to complete I-526, it should build as much as it can. An extension to the first interchange would help, farther would be better. Completion can wait for future funding.

With completion of the Bees Ferry Road expansion and the increase in housing in the area, I don’t believe that changes in the Main Road, U.S. 17 traffic patterns will solve the problem.

Joseph F. Mole Jr.

Palmetto Boulevard

Edisto Beach