I am disappointed, no, outraged at the time and money-wasting actions in the South Carolina Legislature directed at “nullification” of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in South Carolina.

It is clear that any laws that challenge the “Obamacare” law will be rejected from the start.

I sort of remember that the state tried that more than 150 years ago, losing that challenge as well.

I will be the first to agree that the health care law, as presently structured, has many shortcomings, and I would gladly support efforts to solve some of the problems it creates, the largest of which is that there is no real mechanism to rein in runaway health care costs.

We all know that these result from skyrocketing costs for medication, unnecessary tests, uncoordinated record-keeping, duplication of facilities, lack of preventive health care, etc.

If the Legislature were to put together a position that starts with the premise that everyone deserves decent health care at reasonable cost, and then propose a method that might achieve this goal more efficiently than either the present system or the Affordable Care Act, I’d be happy to support it.

Unfortunately, the recent activity seems to be based more on ignorance, greed, privilege (“I’ve got mine”) and, yes, prejudice, thinly disguised as “principle.”

We deserve better than that.

Fritz Saenger Jr.

Cove Bay Lane

Mount Pleasant

It has come to the attention of some Johns Island residents that the S.C. Department of Transportation has made up its mind, regardless of any meetings, to go ahead and redo the Main Road and U.S. Highway 17 South intersection into a so-called Super Street. They claim there are no funds to widen U.S. 17 or build a fly-over to Main Road.

So, Charleston County, what’s happening to our taxes?

Nothing has really changed with the DOT.

Ever notice when you ride down the road and see them working on the side of the road, one person is holding a shovel and five people stand around watching?

Come on, DOT, listen to the folks who are picking up your paycheck every week.


Betsy Kerrison Parkway

Johns Island

Once again our president exudes his leadership in the mist of four major scandals by naming Susan Rice as national security advisor.

For a former U.N. ambassador who got the Benghazi story wrong several times on Sunday interview shows, she must be owed dearly by the president.

It is a shame that the lesson he teaches by such leadership is reward the faithful — the truth does not matter.

Pat Kilroy

Milton Drive

Goose Creek

So Mount Pleasant Water Works needs another small increase to replace old lines and in part to deal with a 2 percent drop in usage.

I don’t remember a similar decrease during the three-year drought when I was watering my lawn on a regular basis.

Seems, in fact, that it got an increase then as well.

Maybe they need some fresh management to help sort out the fact that a 2 percent drop in usage will also mean a 2 percent drop in wear and tear and consumables.

Naw, too complicated. Let’s just go for the increase.

Then along comes SCE&G with its hand out for yet another small increase. Anyone willing to bet that we will actually see a decrease starting in 2017?

What all of these rate changes have in common is that they are supposedly managed by a public commission or similar public body.

Somehow it seems that the “public” part of those commissions has been lost.

These commissions look at increases independent of each other and do not consider how they impact the homeowner as a collective.

A dollar here and a dollar there and pretty soon you are talking some serious money.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have one commission — the Commission for Homeowner Survival?

All those companies that want an increase have to submit their request at the same time, and then “The Commission” determines just how much pain the average homeowner can endure and in turn spreads that around to all the different companies.

Maybe during some years (like during the recent recession) the approved amount would be zero and the message would be: Act like your customers, and tighten your financial belts.

What a novel idea — a commission putting the public’s best interest ahead of fattening the bottom line and annual bonuses.

Dream on.

Russell Read

Alexandra Drive

Mount Pleasant

There are many South Carolinians, especially those who serve in the executive and legislative branches of state government, who loudly protest the continued federal oversight that ensures that all our citizens have equality of the vote, of opportunity and of justice under the law.

They apparently believe the monitoring by the federal government is an infringement upon states’ rights.

It might be informative for us to consider the following: Mark Sanford and Robert Ford.

Cermette Clardy Jr.

Carolina Boulevard

Isle of Palms

How refreshing to hear Rep. Trey Gowdy’s clear voice on C-SPAN Washington Journal on Thursday.

His remarks were sensible and on target — especially about Eric Holder and the Internal Revenue Service’s investigations of Tea Party organizations.

Martha F. Barkley

Shadowcreek Court

Mount Pleasant