My grandchildren must anticipate paying off, at probably very increased rates, $19 trillion for largely unneeded loans from foreign governments.

My 40-plus year old sons doubt if they will ever receive from Social Security what they and their employers are contributing.

The Obama regime is again demanding home mortgage loans to marginal and unqualified borrowers be approved. To reduce published inflation rates it is also proposing “chain-weighted consumer price index” calculations. Children of illegal immigrants are eligible for food stamps.

Mark Sanford and Sen. Tim Scott will provide a light at the end of our increasing debtors’ tunnel.

Joel J. Lake

Yeamans Road


I’m responding to the May 10 article titled “Folly beachfront owners fighting back in effort to save homes from erosion.”

It was common wisdom 2,000 years ago not to waste time and treasure by building on sand. Having studied civil engineering, I know that this has not changed. It takes a very special stupid to build a “permanent” structure on the shore of the ocean.

Rock is hard, but water is patient.

Howard Lee

Nats Lane


Last election, if you lived in the SC-1 or the 1st Congressional District of South Carolina and you were on the edge of your district, you may have been moved to SC-6 for purely racial reasons.

Here’s what I mean. In the 1990s the South Carolina Republicans, who were mostly white, along with the South Carolina Democrats, who were mostly black, agreed to draw the 6th Congressional District so it would run through the historically black areas of our state.

However, there weren’t enough people in that land mass to make up a congressional district. So, our politicians drew SC-6 to include enough black precincts in the Charleston area and Columbia area to ensure SC-6 would always be a minority district.

SC-6 takes in all of Bamberg, Clarendon, Colleton, Marion and Williamsburg counties and parts of Berkeley, Calhoun, Charleston, Dorchester, Florence, Georgetown, Lee, Orangeburg, Richland and Sumter counties.

How can one person, black or white, rich or poor, even one of those Mensa people, represent all these people all over the state?

I don’t think that thought ever crossed our politicians’ mind. Their goal was to create a forever minority district, efficiency be damned, and everyone else would just look the other way.

What is the purpose of this little history lesson? First, to let you know I’m really ticked that I was moved out of SC-1 into SC-6 because it suited some racial quota. My wife and I found out we were no longer in the 1st Congressional District when we went to vote in the primary.

Second, this is 2013, past the time for race-based politics to disappear.

The Post and Courier, its column writers and all the Colbert Busch supporters who are saying that all you need is an “R” behind your name and you win in SC-1 may be right. In SC-6 the letter “D” does the same thing, but there’s no outrage.

Until the S.C. House districts, the S.C. Senate districts and our U.S. congressional districts are un-gerrymandered and made more business-and-constituent-friendly, it will be business as usual in good ole South Carolina.

Charlie Lybrand

Register of Mesne


Cloudmont Drive


The tweeting controversy that has engulfed the Charleston School of the Arts and the entire community is a great example of the power of words.

Our words have the power to heal, but they also have the power to inflict great hurt. When words are written, their impact is even stronger. The rhetoric in our society has grown harsh and strident.

“Say Something Nice Day” on June 1 and “Say Something Nice Sunday” on June 2 provides timely opportunities to quell our verbal assaults for at least one day. It is easy to destroy people with our words; however, the greater good is served by building people up. The build-up must be sincere or it will be discarded.

Say something nice to everyone you meet for one day — or at least try not to say anything hurtful.

Mitch Carnell

Birkenhead Drive


Patriots Point’s last-minute decision to cancel a May 19 fundraiser that had been planned and approved by them since January is outrageous and an insult to all us veterans in the community.

I served in the Army, my father is a retired Army officer who has a Patriotic Education Fund named after him, and I have a son who is a chief in the Navy.

As motorcycle enthusiasts, my wife and I participate in charity and fund-raising rides year around. When I saw the advertising on this run, I was excited and contacted all my friends to participate.

Patriots Point’s excuse of traffic congestion is outrageous.

It’s straight down I-26 and the Ravenel Bridge to Patriots Point. There is only one traffic light involved, and it is a simple right-hand turn.

Patriots Point conducts events throughout the year with far more visitors than the proposed participants in this benefit ride. Most would have been veterans. You cannot join the Warhorse Brotherhood Motorcycle Club unless you are a vet. Most everyone else wants to participate because they care about this country like I do. That includes the Charleston Chapter of the Hells Angels.

Just recently American Biker, a Victory motorcycle dealership in Ladson, hosted its annual two-day event that saw hundreds of visitors, probably more than 1,000 over the two days. The Hells Angels were there without an incident.

On March 17, the Hells Angels hosted a St. Patrick’s Day party in Goose Creek that saw hundreds of visitors without incident. Law Enforcement was not needed at either event. Hells Angels are just one of several sponsors of the Patriots Point ride because they too care about this country and our vets. Even the Charleston police motorcycle club, the Law Riders, was invited.

Local law enforcement agencies provide traffic assistance for all kinds of causes without question, including any of the big benefit rides that happen throughout the year.

For Mount Pleasant to not provide an officer to assist through the transition of one traffic light for such a worthy cause leaves me with the clear and obvious impression of discrimination against us veterans because we are motorcycle enthusiasts.

The same can be said for Patriots Point. It violates our First Amendment rights to assemble and free speech. Patriots Point is our memorial.

For the record, I am not a member of the motorcycle clubs mentioned.

Louis Broadwell

Hamlet Circle

Goose Creek

The editors of The Post and Courier endorsed Elizabeth Colbert Busch. The voters spoke, and she lost. Please quit trashing Mark Sanford on a daily basis.

If you were going to air every bit of Mark Sanford’s personal dirty laundry then you should have spent an equal amount of time airing Elizabeth Colbert Busch’s as well.

Clearly, the voters were more interested in ensuring that their votes were not paid for by a powerful national political organization. Start acting like an unbiased news organization. Or is that an oxymoron?

Janice Townsend

Hope Plantation

Johns Island

In your graceless editorial of May 8 titled “Sanford’s next challenge,” you stated, “We hope Mr. Sanford can justify the public’s renewed trust in him.”

Mr. Sanford garnered more than 54 percent of the large turnout.

I’d say the public never lost its trust in his politics.

Warren Watts

Bishop Gadsden Way