This war has gone on long enough.

When I get pictures from the Wounded Warrior Project and the USO, I see our young men and women without legs and arms and I scream, “Stop the war. Bring our men and women home.”

All Americans need to be a voice for our military men and women. They don’t have a voice; they do their duty with no questions asked, even if it means their lives.

Count the years. Enough is enough.

Bring them home.

Rebecca Thomas

Forest Hills Drive

North Charleston

Why do candidates Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan continue to spread a big lie about President Obama “apologizing” for America?

As many non-partisan people have pointed out, it never happened. And if you think he did, I challenge you to identify the speech in which Obama said such a thing. You won’t find one.

Don’t you think if the president made such a statement we would be seeing it in every other Republican campaign ad?

Of course we would.

Candidates Romney and Ryan owe all of us an apology for spreading such nonsense even though they have been called on it many times.

But the big lie works so well when you keep telling it over and over.

Ed Gold

Laurens Street


When you take a stand for something, others see it as something you believe in. What a Catholic does has a direct effect on how people see our Catholic faith.

Are you a “Cafeteria” Catholic, picking and choosing what is most convenient for you to follow?

Do you give time and money giving animals a chance at life, but still vote for people who would provide for human babies to be selectively disposed of?

Do you vote for people who enforce values contrary to the faith values that we should be living?

I am not exempt from making mistakes. I just hope we Catholics will show our gratitude for the forgiveness we have received by letting our actions speak for what our church teaches.

We can make a difference if we live our faith.

Ryckie Watkins

Trenholm Drive

James Island

After reading Robert Behre’s Sept. 22 article about the attempt to celebrate PARK(ing) on King Street, I am moved to write about the arbitrary nature of parking law enforcement in the Historic District.

The gentlemen mentioned in the article were acting within the law by paying the meter and occupying the space for the allotted time, yet police ordered them to vacate the spot even before the two-hour limit expired.

These officers might have better served the needs of the public by supervising the rented moving truck parked at Market and Meeting streets recently.

On that day, I was on Market Street at about 1:30 p.m., and it took me 20 minutes to drive one block because of a van parked at the corner.

The “movers” sat on the steps watching us as we grew increasingly frustrated by the confusion and potential danger created by their decision to block the right lane of a busy intersection.

The truck was still there, though closed up, when I left the area at about 5 p.m. Traffic was still backed up behind it The people who parked it were nowhere to be seen.

There were no police or parking enforcement officers in the area though this truck obstructed traffic for at least four hours, yet the officers had plenty of time to harass a citizen lawfully occupying a parking space blocks away.

Why weren’t these movers required to use the building’s loading bay on Hasell Street?

I work in the Historic District as a city guide.

I love my work and take great pride in our beautiful city, but the arbitrary and unpredictable enforcement of parking and traffic laws can be frustrating.

Mary K. Lindsey

Trent Street


My reply to the Sept. 21 letter titled “Renting guns” is that it is never a good idea to make laws based on emotions.

Some of the worst laws have been made this way. A good example is millions of our tax dollars being given to the survivors of 9/11.

So many lives could be saved if more law-abiding citizens carried guns.

We need more education, not scare tactics.

David Bevis

Westerfield Drive

Goose Creek

Garry Trudeau’s Doonesbury strip in The Post and Courier’s comic section has been with us for years, and I have often wondered why. The few times I’ve tried to read it I have found it to be boring, silly and insulting to people and institutions.

For example, the Sept. 16 comic depicts a teacher who has just explained Darwin’s theory of evolution, which he is all for. The teacher next tells the students that by Louisiana state law he must teach an “alternate theory supported by no scientific evidence whatsoever.”

In an insulting tongue-in-cheek lecture he diminishes the religion of Jews and Christians. A person not knowing the full story of God and his world could be swayed by Trudeau’s little cartoon world.

I suggest that Mr. Trudeau travel to North Africa and the Middle East and show by cartoons his version of the Prophet Mohammed.

I’m sure he would gather quite a crowd.

Kenneth Anderson Jr.

Planters Curve

Mount Pleasant