From what I read in the March 18 article on Captain Sam’s Spit and its proposed development, the project has “jeopardy” written all over it.

But do not worry, taxpayers. The Kiawah Island Community Association, the Town of Kiawah and Kiawah Development Partners will take all the hits when a hurricane hits this spit and makes it ocean again.

Yeah, and pigs fly.

Even though people with homes on the spit will pony up big bucks for hurricane-related insurance, I am sure insurance companies, which may end up paying a fortune to replace/repair 50 $10 million homes, will not factor this into the ridiculous insurance rates that the rest of us have to endure.

Yeah, and pigs fly.

Seymour Rosenthal

Waterfront Drive

Mount Pleasant

For some of our customers, as with a March 9 letter writer (“How to cut Postal Service losses”), perhaps three days of mail delivery would be sufficient. But delivering 40 percent of the world’s mail to 152 million addresses would be a tall order on a three-day schedule.

Only the U.S. Postal Service provides a secure delivery network offering universal service at uniform prices to all Americans. The U.S. Postal Service, which delivered 160 billion pieces of mail in 2012, is the hub of a $1 trillion industry that employs more than 8.5 million Americans.

While the Internet and electronic diversion of mail have shrunk First Class mail volume considerably, our package volume showed significant growth in the past year. Letter volume is expected to continue to decline, making the Postal Service’s current delivery schedule and overall business model unsustainable.

That’s why one of the postmaster general’s goals is to save $2 billion a year with a sensible, five-day letter, six-day package delivery schedule. One-third of U. S. businesses we serve are closed on Saturdays, and seven of 10 Americans polled approve of the plan, which will allow post office box holders to still get six-day delivery, and retail service to continue at post offices with Saturday hours. Customers will continue to receive essential medications, plus Priority and Express Mail, which facilitate e-commerce

It will take more than a change in delivery schedule to save the Postal Service from future red ink. However, this is just one component of a five-year plan to restore the organization to financial health. The key to the long-term stability of the Postal Service is legislative change, which is urgently needed to address matters outside of the Postal Service’s control. Legislative change, is vital if America is going to continue to have a viable Postal Service.

Tim Shaw


Cross County Road


I like to go for walks in Magnolia Cemetery because of its beauty, its peacefulness and the sense of reverence that seems to permeate the air.

Recently I came across a large plot with a large obelisk in the center. It turned out to be a plot for orphans. Only two graves had headstones though the office said 98 were buried there.

The sadness of this really hit me. Born or became orphans, died young and now lying in unmarked graves. I grieve for those poor, unfortunate souls

I think in the future when I bemoan something in my life I will picture that scene and realize by the grace and mercy of God what a wonderful life I have had and be far more grateful than I have been before.

Terry Thompson

Ravenel Drive


The Medical University of South Carolina is changing what’s possible in health care for our citizens, and it is time for the people of South Carolina to change what is possible for equal representation on its board.

Project XX South Carolina is shining light on the irrefutable fact that women of every persuasion have little to say in how this state is run. We now have the opportunity to make our voices heard.

The Medical University of South Carolina board is currently all white and all male. No women and yet 51 percent of our state’s citizens are women, 61 percent of the students at MUSC are women, and 55 percent of registered voters in our state are women. Does this look like equal representation to you?

Dr. Raymond Greenberg has taken the helm of this university system and steered it toward a promising future.

Under his vision and leadership, the university has become more globally recognized as a leader of teaching and healing.

We need Ray Greenberg.

We also need women on MUSC’s board.

Sonya Livingston

Confederate Circle