Since the Preservation Society of Charleston and its members have no standing before the court to try to regulate cruise ships, that leaves it up to those who certainly do have a standing: we the people who live here.

Those of us who understand the damage the ships are doing and will do to our beloved city should gather together as individuals, find a lawyer and re-file in our individual names.

I still think the best plan is to have the ships at Mount Pleasant in whatever numbers they wish. Let them pour in.

Passengers who want to visit Charleston could take a land taxi (jobs) or a water taxi (more jobs) to Charleston. And anybody who doesn't want to come to Charleston would be welcomed by Mount Pleasant restaurants and other businesses (more jobs) and especially the Yorktown. The Yorktown would benefit immeasurably (even more jobs?).

Docking the ships near the Yorktown in Mount Pleasant would be a win-win for everyone. Why don't we just do it?

Sue Johnson

Meeting Street


For the sake of the country and the party, Republican elected officials must unite, take a proudly declared stand and be unwavering in opposition to Obamacare. Republicans must not be lured into helping Democrats "fix" problems with this awfully constructed and poorly administered heath care takeover plan.

Obamacare cannot be fixed. It's flat out faulty, costs way too much, does not solve the insurance coverage problem it was meant to - and though it taxes us in the tens of billions every year from now on - isn't projected to ever take in enough to make it work.

Republicans should propose a simple bill addressing health care issues and including allowing the sale of health care insurance across state lines. They should allow children living at home to stay on their parents' insurance plans longer than previous limits, and perhaps provide an insurance pool for truly needy citizens.

But the GOP must be firm: The only option to fully implementing Obamacare and its 2000-plus pages of regulations and taxes must be its complete obliteration.

"Helping" Democrats tinker with or "repair" Obamacare will only enable Democrats later to say that Republicans must share the blame for this unwieldy, incomprehensible, extravagantly expensive and oppressive albatross.

No Republican voted to create Obamacare, and for good reasons. Don't jump into the tar pit with those who imposed this burden on all of us.

Every day that passes, Obamacare does further damage to the U.S. economy, destroys jobs, causes insurance policy cancellations, costs us all money and gets its tentacles further entwined around our lives. Already Obama is telegraphing that he wants to spend $1 trillion to compensate private insurance companies for the losses they will occur in just the first year of the health care plan. This is outrageous, especially considering the nation is already $17 trillion in debt with no plan to reverse it.

Temporary delays for Obamacare implementation do not stop the taxes it sucks in, including $60 billion this year alone. Nothing less than repealing Obamacare will stop the deploying of tens of thousands of paid "navigators" for the defective program and the hiring of thousands of new IRS agents to hound people unable or unwilling to pay for insurance.

The terrible, money-wasting experience caused by the Obamacare webpage launch is just the beginning. The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office estimated Obamacare will cost almost $3 trillion over 10 years (not the $900 billion Obama claimed) but will still leave tens of millions of people uninsured.

This is a horribly bad law which must be eliminated if America is to have a viable future.

Edward C. Fennell

Cessna Avenue


Most of us go through life seeking leadership and principles to live by. We learn from parents, teachers, ministers and coaches.

Some of us are fortunate enough to learn how to love, share and serve others because we meet a generous heart. My life has been greatly influenced by knowing and loving Flora P. Condon.

Flora taught her children to be generous and compassionate by giving away their current toys before each Christmas so other children less fortunate would have something.

She encouraged each of them to volunteer their time and energy without seeking anything in return. Her children were taught to respect their elders and told that everyone deserves a chance to prove himself. She practiced that axiom in her relations with people in work, service organizations and politics.

Flora became my special friend over 15 years ago as I married into her family. I watched and learned that she and Dick Condon were gracious and generous to all people from various paths of life. I will miss Flora as I do Dick.

Hopefully, you will meet someone like that in your lifetime.

Tom Masi

Postell Drive


In a Jan. 25 article, the head of the State Ports Authority board blasted Rep. Mark Sanford and Sen. Tim Scott for opposing a $1 trillion bill that includes money for deepening Charleston Harbor. That's trillion with a T. That's the problem. Most politicians sign off on any bill that will get them re-elected, regardless of the cost. It would be a different story if you linked that money to their retirement. Mark Sanford and Tim Scott should be commended for being fiscally responsible.

As for Sen. Lindsey Graham et al who voted for spending money we don't have - I vote, and it will be against them next election.

Charles W. Croft

Shell Ring Circle

Mount Pleasant

Maybe Miley Cyrus and Justin Beiber should team up. They could call themselves "Twerk and Jerk."

Scott Cracraft

Pignatelli Crescent

Mount Pleasant

It is refreshing to watch a movie, "Captain Phillips," and not be bombarded with vile curse words (as in "Lone Survivor").

It's no wonder our youth embrace cursing and violence as they do. "Captain Phillips" is a good example of a movie that can be entertaining without horrible language.

Colvin O'Donnell

Lagoon Park Circle

Mount Pleasant

The Aviation Authority is amazingly out of control. The chairman talks loudly and condescendingly to people, even other board members, jut like Dean Wormer does in the movie "Animal House."

I don't understand why the authority has a full-time lawyer collecting federal and state benefits for being "100 percent totally disabled," and who does not have a contract obtained by a request for proposal bid as required by the authority's procurement manual.

Or why Mayor Keith Summey has negotiated a new contract with that attorney when the manual says the airport director must do so.

Or why that lawyer just got a 6.5 percent raise on top of the $235,000 per year he already is being paid.

The leadership of the Aviation Authority needs to be replaced.

Juanita Cantey

St. Angela Drive

North Charleston

There are unsolved murders and arson cases. There are rapes and drug deals. Why does the Charleston Police Department go after a rickshaw driver that gave a tour to a sting cop?

I'm sure that officer asked for a special drive-by. I call that entrapment. The poor kid is probably proud of his city and was glad to show off some sites.

Paul A. Krechman

Jasimine Court