If you really want to see just how good Obamacare is, make it mandatory and revoke all exemptions. Include the president, Congress, labor unions, all corporations, without exception, and then require a televised, up or down, recorded vote.

Put an effective date of January 1, 2014, on it, and I guarantee you that the issue will be quickly settled during the 2014 election cycle.

Terry Williamson

Spalding Circle

Goose Creek

I am a regular reader of The Post and Courier, but I don’t remember seeing anything about the effects of the shutdown on military retirees and families of active duty personnel.

However, on Oct. 2, I found a big one — our commissary was closed. For those on a fixed budget, the commissary is a necessity.

I sure hope our elected representatives start talking to each other so that this doesn’t become a long-term problem.

The elected representatives seem to be more worried about their re-election than the general welfare of this country.

Patricia Merriam

Pequannock Road

Goose Creek

Over the years, I have represented many children who were injured while riding on school buses involved in motor vehicle collisions. Those buses were always insured by Pupil Accident/ Incident Insurance, which paid the cost of medical expenses (typically up to $3,000) for injuries children sustained in these accidents, no matter who was at fault.

I routinely requested forms from various school bus departments and made these claims for those children. Their medical expenses were paid.

I recently represented two children in Charleston County who were injured in an accident involving a school bus operated by Durham School Services. I requested and filed those claim forms with the appropriate claim administrators, but those claims were denied.

I then contacted the South Carolina Department of Education for an explanation. I found out that each county is expected to contract for the transportation of its students and to require its school buses to provide the Pupil Accident/Incident Insurance coverage. When I contacted the insurer for Durham about this, I found out that they didn’t have this coverage on their policy.

So, the next time your child or grandchild rides on a school bus being operated by Durham, be aware that their buses do not have the same Pupil Accident/Incident Insurance coverage provided by those buses operated by other South Carolina public schools.

J. Van Wyck Taylor

Attorney at law

University Boulevard


On Oct. 1 the American people awoke to a government shutdown. Personally, I think there is too much government, and its control of our daily lives has become too far-reaching. Nevertheless, this current situation is a classic example of a system that has completely unraveled.

From the president through both chambers of Congress we have seen a total loss of common sense, statesmanship and compromise. Republicans and Democrats are equally to blame.

The government “of the people, by the people and for the people” has been replaced by a tyranny that places itself above the law.

It is time that Americans be allowed to hold a recall election for the presidency and every seat in Congress. Our elected officials have failed, and it is time that they be replaced.

Steven McLees

Ashley Village Circle


After reading the letter from a lady about her father’s problem receiving services from the VA Hospital, I thought I would add my two cents. I have 10 years of military service and three honorable discharges.

I never applied for a VA card because during my civilian career, my employer provided me with health insurance and I did not want to be construed as double dipping.

I retired at age 66 three years ago and went on Medicare. As all Medicare recipients know, the part D prescription drug plan is not that great. I thought that, being a veteran, I would try to get help from the VA Hospital with prescription drugs.

Wishful thinking. I applied for a benefits card and was denied.

The reason stated from the hospital was that my income exceeded the limit determined by the VA secretary in 2003. Silly me, if I had not had scruples and signed up prior to that date, I would have had no problems.

Due to proper planning and saving, I have a comfortable retirement income, but it would take a very large stretch of the imagination to consider it excessive.

Don’t get me wrong. I am thrilled that there are veterans who are receiving benefits. My point is, the name Veterans Hospital is a misnomer. Not all military veterans, even if they honorably served, will be eligible for benefits.

Don M. Clanton

Meadow Breeze Lane