I vaguely remember that when I moved to Charleston 40 plus years ago, my boss told me about a couple of streets that washed away on Folly Beach. His beach house was on one of those streets. He told me that was the risk of building on a barrier island.

The houses built there at that time were beach houses - mostly primitive camps built on the beach and not in the woods. If your home was lost due to the result of a storm, then your losses were minimal. Times change.

Today we have the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), which takes on the burden of not only houses on beaches but larger numbers of properties in flood-prone areas all over the nation. Flooding in these places is not a matter of if, but when.

Sure, it's sad about the flood policy going from $1,000 to $15,000 for the guy trying to sell the house on James Island, but putting off the insurance problem is not a solution. For Sens. Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott to delay flood insurance reforms for four years is typical of what's wrong with this country today.

Will the NFIP be in better shape in four years with cost rates remaining the same? The NFIP was running a $28 billion deficit in 2013. Isn't flood insurance reform past due? Is reform going to be like the national debt - put off to eternity?

Our two senators should be about reducing debt, not leaving it for the future.

Pat Kilroy

Milton Drive

Goose Creek

As I look back on 2013, I see a 2014 that I can't feel positive about. While I hate to be negative, I have no reason to feel differently.

Obamacare is ruining health care in this country. To satisfy my own curiosity, I went to the Obamacare website to check on my rates. I selected a bronze program. To my dismay, my monthly premium was over $300 and my deductible was $6,500. While I am not of modest means, those rates gave me pause.

I can just imagine how someone less fortunate could afford even the least expensive plan. When the employee mandates kick in - they were conveniently moved past the election - millions more will be thrown off their present plans and forced into the health exchanges. Sticker shock will reign supreme and our healthcare system will absorb further damage.

It looks to me like this administration, while denying it, is doing its best to create a single-payer health care system by default. With three more years of Obama, I just can't feel good about the future.

Stew Williams

Chisolm Road

Johns Island

Devotees of the polished-wood alleys across America should band together to create one more after-season college game. It would be the Bowl Bowl. It should be played after all the other ones are finally done. That way, it could be the Bowls' Over Bowl Bowl.


Sam Watson

Pinckney Street


If the city is serious about increasing pedestrian traffic and decreasing vehicular traffic on James Island, then sidewalks need to be constructed on Folly Road between Maybank Highway and Central Park Road (and beyond).

Sidewalks would enable residents to easily walk to several destinations: the shopping area at Harborview and Folly Road, the post office, and James Island Cinema, and would consequently decrease motor-vehicle traffic. Sidewalk construction would support a more logical "gathering place" that includes existing homes, apartments and businesses. It would be much more desirable for the residents of James Island than the ill-conceived development on Maybank Highway.

Alice Q. Libet

Hillcreek Boulevard


I am very much in favor of people on Sullivan's Island learning to live with coyotes. My son and I saw one late one night, and they are exciting and beautiful creatures. They fit with the rewilding of the island's maritime forest.

Having coyotes on Sullivan's makes it a richer, more interesting place. Letting them stay is a way of sharing our island with other creatures, an important virtue in my mind.

Ned Hettinger

I'on Avenue

Sullivan's Island

Glenn McConnell would make an outstanding president of the College of Charleston. He has always worked hard for the citizens of South Carolina, and I feel sure he would do the same for the college. I support Glenn McConnell as the new president of the College of Charleston.

Barbara J. Lannam

Craven Avenue


I really couldn't care less where the Barack Obama Presidential Library is built. But perhaps they could avoid building costs by using one of the many medical buildings that will be empty in the cities vying for that honor by the time he is out of office.

G. K. Payne

Waterpointe Circle

Mount Pleasant