In response to the Aug. 8 letter titled "While Rome burns," I, too, am appalled at the "heads-in-the-sand" attitude our administration exhibits for U.S. citizens and the nation.

We need to take care of the United States of America first and foremost. Policing the world on never-ending holy and civil wars has proven to be futile.

In addition, our so-called employees in Washington bolster other countries while spinning domestic issues such as the national debt, the border, VA hospital coverups and military layoffs cutting short the careers of those who have served our nation and protected our freedom. Their pensions will be compromised. Most have put their lives on the line in recent combat overseas for years.

The endless worldwide handouts by the Obama administration amount to every one of us paying someone else's living expenses as our debts escalate.

I am all for humanitarianism, but if the money is not there, it's not there. Plain and simple.

Kevin Jenkins

Legends Club Drive

Mount Pleasant

I have to agree with the Aug. 5 letter writer regarding requiring trailer licenses. I have noticed many trailers that don't appear to be safe or roadworthy.

Many states require motor vehicles and trailers to be inspected on an annual basis to ensure they meet minimum operating and safety standards.

Instead of raising the gas tax, institute an annual state inspection program for motor vehicles and trailers. It would be managed by the state police and conducted by qualified inspectors from the private sector.

This program would create jobs, increase business for our auto repair facilities and raise funds necessary for highway maintenance.

Imagine the funds that could be generated from a $10 annual state inspection.

An added benefit would be eliminating unsafe vehicles on our roadways. We all have seen examples - no taillights, bald tires, cracked windshields and old clunkers polluting the air.

The funds for highway repairs must come from somewhere. Why not create a source that has added benefits and protects the safety of our motorists?

Don Schappell

Wellstead Drive

Mount Pleasant

Sen. Fritz Hollings was a Democrat back when no red-blooded South Carolinian would ever join the Republican party. Wasn't the Republican party the Lincoln party?

Fritz was close friends with some of the most liberal politicians, but he is no die-hard liberal. Let's not forget his name is on the Gramm-Rudman-Hollings Act, which was to put controls on runaway government spending.

It will benefit us all to listen to what he has to say in his Post and Courier op-eds.

I agree that good things could come from a value added tax and that the U.S. should do away with the tax code of nearly 100,000 pages.

Sen. Hollings, we thank you.

Tom Ilderton

Huguenot Avenue


After seeing all that's going on in the world today there is no question in my mind that there is intelligent life out there.

They came, they saw, they ran.

Ron Hamorsky

Branchwood Drive

Goose Creek

The news media took the ball and ran with the unfortunate story about Dr. Bickerstaff and his little dogs. A father caring for a child could not have been more attentive than Dr. Bickerstaff was with his little family. The loss of the little dogs was truly a mishap.

The dogs went everywhere with Dr. Bickerstaff. They accompanied him to his office and followed him from room to room as he cared for patients. We patients grew to love them, too - just as he and Dr. Magera did.

I can only imagine that Dr. Bickerstaff was tending to an emergency that took more time than he expected. To come and find all his little family dead had to be devastating.

I beg for compassion for him. He is one of the most caring physicians that I've ever known. This is a sad and tragic time for all of us who know and love him and who depend on him to keep us healthy.

Gerry Naumann

McHenry Avenue


I am very proud of my grandson Logan King, age 10. Recently while vacationing at Edisto Beach, a young girl (younger than Logan) was caught under a large wave. The current was taking her near the rocky groin in neck-deep water.

Logan was in the water with his cousins and noticed the young girl's predicament. Without regard to his own safety, Logan fought his way toward the girl, grabbed her hand and guided her to the safety of the shore.

The young girl ran to her parents, who were more than 150 yards away and had no clue of their daughter's danger.

Please, parents, watch your children when they are in the ocean. It is not a lake.


Boone Hall Road