I was surprised when the Charleston County Airport Authority hired Sen. Paul Campbell to replace Sue Stevens. Ms. Stevens’ departure is clouded with controversy and could yield civil action against the Authority and, possibly, individuals sitting on the Authority’s board. This would seem to be a signal for the Authority to handle its business going forward in the most ethical way possible.

Instead, the board quickly hired Sen. Paul Campbell,paying him around $200,000 in salary even though he is serving in the state Senate presently. A job with this kind of compensation should merit a regional, if not national, search for the proper candidate, who would be not only more qualified but would also devote full-time hours to the position. The hiring of Sen. Campbell sure smells like good ole boy cronyism.

Recently, as I read the business section of The Post and Courier, my surprise turned to outrage. Now, Deputy Director Bill New (compensation unknown to me) has been asked to stay on beyond his planned retirement date so someone with experience can be on site during the planned terminal expansion.

Why is this necessary? Because Sen. Campbell will be doing his other job in the state Senate for the foreseeable future.

So Sen. Campbell receives a fat paycheck from the Aviation Authority and also income from the state Senate, and for the icing on the cake, the taxpayers will pay deputy director Bill New to actually do the on-site job.

This reminds me of one of my favorite sayings, “You can’t make this stuff up.”

Jay Tucker

Eagle View Drive


Does Rich Lowry still feel smug now that 13 people have been killed in the Washington Navy Yard and another 13 people injured in a mass shooting in Chicago? The Colorado recall is nothing to rejoice about, Mr. Lowry.

What is so unreasonable about extended background checks? What is so unreasonable about limiting magazine sizes? Mr. Lowry is so blinded by his ideology that he cannot see that more guns mean more murders, more suicides and more accidental shootings.

The National Rifle Association has become a greed-driven tyrant that cares only about the sale of ever more guns. They rule by fear, as all tyrants do. They have even opposed a proposed UN treaty that would limit small-arms trafficking.

The NRA and their GOP chamberlains and quislings are disgusting beyond measure.

Leonard Pitts is right. This country has become insane. Mark Kessler, the rogue police chief from Pennsylvania, and S.C. Sen. Lee Bright, who wants to allow gun owners to bring their weapons into bars, are living and tragic proof of this country’s insanity.

It seems that the only voice of reason is that of the Son of Sam, who has said that America must cease its worship of guns.

As for Rich Lowry, his head ought to be popping out of a cuckoo clock, every hour on the hour and in military time.

Louis M. Smith

Russell Drive

Mount Pleasant

I really hope that the SCDOT does not allow Charleston County, Nix526 and the Coastal Conservation League to interfere with the original plan for completing I-526.

The people need a road that will allow traffic to move continuously rather than another bottleneck such as the one the Crosstown has created.

Mount Pleasant and Sullivan’s Island are not plagued with such political ploys. They are for progress, and it shows.

James Thornal

Burnett Drive

James Island

Your editorial on the Charleston Regional Transit center (“CARTA and the forgiving feds,” Sept. 28) contained the following statement: “It’s rare that a public agency can make a multimillion dollar mistake and not have to at least offer a comprehensive explanation.”

Are you kidding me? Government spends the taxpayers’ money on feckless programs and projects with no explanation all of the time. The Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Repository and the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) come to mind. But wait, those aren’t multimillion dollar mistakes; they are multibillion-dollar mistakes.

Since we don’t hold the people in government directly accountable for their multi-million and multibillion dollar “mistakes,” those mistakes will continue to happen and our tax dollars will continue to go down the drain. It’s a sad situation.

William Bates

Gibbon Street

Daniel Island

What a surprise. A Gates Foundation advisor supports a Gates scheme for education.

I see the pro-Common Core supporters are reaching back in time to find supportive articles to post.

The Sept. 27 column by Edward Glaser points out that states and even school districts will have flexibility in the choices of curriculum content.

The stark truth is that standards drive curriculum. Moreover, tests drive curriculum. Flexibility in curriculum will be very limited if the state, districts and classes wish to score well on the assessments and follow curricula frameworks drawn up in the contract with U.S. Department of Education.

It is also noted by CCS watchers in South Carolina that so-called classic literature will comprise only 50 percent of reading materials in Grade 8 and only 30 percent in Grade 12. This leaves room for a great deal of social and political material to fill a “propaganda pipeline” into K-12 classrooms.

Does Mr. Glaser really believe that given such an open door to our children’s thinking, it will not be exploited? Politicians of all stripes will want a piece of that.

And it is also little known in Massachusetts that the tests to be done under Common Core are computer adaptive.

That means that given the answers to the first set of questions on a test, the rest of the test changes to match the takers’ manifest competence. So trying to compare results across schools, states and even in the same classroom will not be very useful. Apples to oranges to pears to plums, etc.

Common Core is another example of a Washington, D.C., cram down of seriously flawed programs a la Obamacare. Closed door development, no user input, hasty acceptance by states needing grant money, no financial assessment, etc. It needs to be nullified in South Carolina.

There are two bills pending in Columbia — S. 300 (Larry Grooms) and H.3943 (Sam Rivers). Post and Courier readers need to get behind those.

Roger O’Sullivan

Ben Sawyer Boulevard

Mount Pleasant

Charleston is the home of the Medal of Honor Museum at Patriots Point, so it is time to be more aware of this subject.

It has always disturbed me when the words “won,” “win” and “winner” are used to refer to individual military awards. It’s very demeaning to say the least.

War is not a sport. These words are never spoken or written when the awards are made to our brave warriors.

You can be sure these words will never be seen at Patriots Point.

C.W. Benson

Pemberly Boulevard


As I removed the plastic bag covering my newspaper recently, the headline “Health plan may cost more in S.C.; Some rates top national average under Obamacare” jumped out at me.

My first thought was, well of course, we’re South Carolina, and that’s the way we roll.


Purdue Drive

North Charleston