The body bags produced a year ago by the so-called “phony scandal” in Benghazi are still fresh in our minds as we approach the one-year anniversary of the attack that killed several Americans.

The only one who has paid a price is Mark Basseley, who served time in prison for exercising his right to free speech. He produced a short Internet video that few people saw. The video had no relation to the attack, yet our so-called leaders lied to us on camera for several weeks, long after it became clear that they were lying.

Hillary Clinton said “what difference does it make?” Obviously, it makes no difference to her or to this administration, or it wouldn’t have been swept under the rug for so long. Not much matters to them except political gain.

We are about to lob cruise missiles into a sovereign nation, and we continue to give over a billion dollars to radical Muslims in Egypt. Given our recent history, how can anyone think that we will be on the right side of history with this attack?

Where are all the liberals who condemned George Bush for getting us into senseless wars in the Middle East? The only thing that will come out of this “shot over the bow” is more anti-American crusaders. What ever happened to the “peace dividend” we were promised?

David Bourgeois

Chucker Drive


The Aug. 25 front-page article “Is he really the ‘Felon’s Friend’?” describing Judge Thomas Hughston gave me a lot to think about concerning our court system. He is obviously a person who, even though he has dealt with the law for many years, never forgets that people’s lives are affected by his decisions.

Whenever he deals with a case he wants to learn as much as he can about the person involved as well as the facts in the cases plus the short- and long-term results of the decision he must render.

Hughston asks many questions, meaningful and fair, as he considers his decision. The sign in his office reminds him of the “Purposes of a Sentence: Deterrence, Incapacitation, Rehabilitation, Retribution.”

The 19-year-old who killed an older woman while driving drunk deserved a severe punishment. But how many people who read about that tragic accident consider a long prison term as appropriate punishment for the young man, or for society?

The easy answer for too many judges is, “Lock him up. Who cares about what happens to his life?” The snide comments of “hug-a-thug” and “felon’s friend” are thoughtless and vengeful.

Those who want to be judged (or elected) on the basis of how many convictions they get have led us to an incarceration rate higher than any of our Western counterparts. That surely is not the kind of justice system we should want. According to the article, Charlie Condon, “a law-and-order Republican” and previously a 9th Circuit solicitor and a state attorney general, called Hughston “one of the best judges in South Carolina.”

If I or anyone else found himself on the other side of the law, what better judge than a caring, firm, thoughtful and experienced Judge Hughston?

Sue Nelson

Isaw Drive

Mount Pleasant

Maureen Dowd’s commentary on Hillary and Bill Clinton was spot on. The arrogance and greed of these two persons is astounding. When Queen Hillary is elected you will see much more of this. Only problem is it will be closed to the public because of the liberal media.

Hail to the conquerors of the American uninformed public.

Lewis Wade

Cottageville Highway


Do you text while driving?

Texting while driving is dangerous. How many car accidents do you think involve texting? According to the National Safety Council over 100,000 car crashes a year involve drivers who are texting.

I did a survey for six days on my ride to school to see how many drivers were texting: Aug. 22, 32; Aug. 23, 52; Aug. 26, 24; Aug. 27, 48; Aug. 28, four; and Aug. 29, 18. The total for the six days was 178 people texting while driving.

Drivers who text put themselves and others in danger. What can I do at my young age? I can write a letter to my newspaper editor, or many of us could write to our representatives so that they will pass a law: no texting while driving.

Bryce Turberville

Ashley Hall 4th Grader

Wampler Drive


I respectfully disagree with your recent editorial on Sen. Lindsey Graham not being a cardboard cutout, as do most of my conservative friends. That the senator refused to confront his district and his state during the August recess is a sign that he cannot take the heat he has created, primarily on the issue of amnesty. Instead he held a “telephone conference call” so he would not have to look us in the eye and explain his record. He refused to meet with his employers for his “performance review.”

He takes a conservative side on a few issues (like Benghazi), but otherwise his record is purely liberal. Evidence his votes to confirm two liberal Supreme Court justices to lifetime tenure.

At a time when the outcomes of decisions are determined by just one vote, the court being divided 4-4 with Justice Kennedy providing the deciding vote, two young liberal justices will allow their biases to influence decisions for decades.

As for your contention that a move to de-fund Obamacare from the current budget battle would hurt us in the next election (also Sen. Graham’s contention) the Republicans picked up two Senate seats and maintained control in the House when they held their ground in 1995.

As for him being “widely respected,” he likely is to Democrats and the liberal press who interview him on television. But for us S. C. conservatives, he is a part-time conservative. We need a full-time representative.

Bill Huggins

Foxwood Drive


I see where the National Security Agency collects vast numbers of my and your electronic communications. It’s too bad that our official protectors have to violate the law to assure that I am not violating the law.

If “Big Daddy” expects me to obey the laws, then I expect him to do likewise.

Fair enough?

James Way

Highway 78


When I see someone picking up trash on the side of the road, maybe wearing prison garb, as part of a road work crew, volunteering with Adopt a Highway, or simply trying to help rid our highways of trash, my first thought is sometimes “I’m glad it’s not me.”

This is a big thank you to all those volunteers who patrol streets and pick up the litter of the few who trash our streets. On a recent Sunday morning, people on Orange Grove and Ashley Hall roads in West Ashley might have seen a couple going above and beyond — they picked up trash on the road on a road and they don’t even live in the area.

Almost daily I pick up trash on the road where I live. As back roads become convenient shortcuts for commuters, trash along these roads seems to increase. I will continue to pick up trash, but with a wagging finger, as we live in grace and in discipline.

If you litter, please stop it.


West Avalon Circle


Why can we not have a stoplight or traffic cop at the intersection of Camp and Fort Johnson roads?

I am now on child No. 4 attending James Island High School. Year after year, I cannot believe we continue to risk our children’s lives at this deadly intersection.

What horrible thing has to happen for this to change?

I don’t even want to think about it.

Susan Davis

Saint James Drive