The March 29 commentary by Rob Young titled " 'Wave dissipation devices' should require additional study" was thoughtful, knowledgeable and spot on. It is surely premature to approve the wave dissipation wall without further testing and examination by experts in the fields concerning beach erosion and controls.

I am no expert, but a long-time beach goer and watcher. I have a fear that property owners who are hopeful for a solution to erosional threats will suffer huge disappointments and loss if optimism pushes a precipitate adoption of the wall. The wall not only needs further examination, it deserves it, for that reason.

Beach erosion is a fact of life, and the unpredictable nature of the oceans is not a new phenomenon. But clearly climate change has exacerbated changes of the shoreline.

Let us not jump to any conclusions without a comprehensive and well-studied set of trials. Properties worth people's fortunes, the economics of tourism, the dangers of more destroyed plastics in the already stressed Atlantic, sea turtle and shore nesting birds, and the absolute grandeur of the beach are all considerations that should be addressed.

In the past, too much was left unknown, but oddly the value of a beach house was once not the top priority. The forces of nature were respected, without any arrogant and overconfident expectation that humans can "fix" it.

Beverly Ballow

Waterway Boulevard

Isle of Palms

A March 30 story was titled "C of C chair: McConnell choice was not a 'fix.' "

It is interesting to observe that many members of the General Assembly speak in praise of the genius of our U.S. Constitution and of our founding fathers, but act more like King George III.

Michael Newman

Montagu Court


Fighting obesity is indeed a daunting task for not just the individual fighting the disease, but for the countless organizations trying to make even a dent in the epidemic. Our is certainly one.

For 13 years now our organization has been actively trying to get more kids and their parents moving.

We've tried it all: Saturday and Thursday free workouts (free being the operative word), countless after-school programs, one-on-one counseling sessions, grocery store tours. Today still I read in an opinion piece that highlights research that shows obesity in adolescent girls is a problem because it can tax the heart, lead to diabetes and strain the joints, and now sadly it is affecting their academic performance. But really, are we that surprised that a 14-year-old child who weighs over 300 pounds is having trouble academically?

As an organization our biggest obstacle in all of those previously mentioned programs we have employed is parents. There is no pill that will get your child to a healthy weight, and you can't out-source this problem to anyone else.

No single person, program or initiative will "fix" your overweight and inactive child who consumes copious amounts of sugar, has no desire to run and play and barely gets five hours of sleep a night. These issues all need to be addressed at home.

The fact remains that more than 11 million U.S. teens who are overweight or obese face an increased risk for diseases once confined to adults, like diabetes, artery damage and liver trouble.

Those problems along with high blood pressure and high cholesterol are showing up increasingly in kids. The academic failings of these children should certainly not be a surprise to any of us.

What should continue to shock us is parents' inability to "get off the couch," and set the example that needs to be made for us to even begin to make a dent in this issue.

Louis Yuhasz

Founder, Louie's Kids

I'On Avenue

Sullivan's Island

There is a strong stench of rotten politics coming from the White House on a daily basis. The lack of leadership and scandal are distractions that have kept this country from moving forward.

Most television news networks have condoned the lies and deceit coming from the president and Democratic leaders for the past six years.

The latest insult to the nation comes from comments President Obama made on his overseas visit.

When asked if he thought Russia was a threat to our country, the president responded that he was more worried about a nuclear attack on Manhattan. This is, in and of itself, an invitation to our enemies.

Further, in the same speech Obama told the world that we are downsizing our military hoping to convince the EU to spend more money on their own defense.

What he did was reaffirm that he doesn't have the intestinal fortitude to lead, and he has told terrorists that we are here for the taking.

As a 100 percent disabled Marine Vietnam veteran who gave up my health defending this country, I believe Obama and the Democrats have sold us out. God help us.

Gregory J. Topliff

Glenwood Drive


A March 31 letter calls for a law requiring private urgent care centers to accept non-paying patients.

How many of those non-paying people does he do business with? Owners of urgent care centers have businesses and need money to pay their employees, the light bill and the mortgage.

If someone does not have insurance to pay for health care, he should not show up at a private business expecting to be treated for free.

MaryAnn Carruthers

Treebark Drive


A brief word to the Supreme Court of the United States: Using one's religious convictions, no matter how sincerely held, as an excuse to deny another his or her natural, constitutional or statutory rights is just plain wrong.

That's not religious freedom, that's religious tyranny.

George H. Steele

Whippoorwill Farm Road

Johns Island

Russia's surge into Crimea has surprised and shocked many in Europe and in the United States. From the perspective of President Vladimir Putin, the seizure of Crimea shows that Russia has emerged from the calamity of the Soviet Union's collapse, and been revitalized by reasserting its historic and unique system of sovereign power.

This is the concept of "tsar and gosudar: absolute master of all men and things." Tsar and gosudar is the sovereign, and he and his service elite are free to enrich themselves, just as long as they remain faithful to this wholly (and holy) Russian concept.

Putin believes that by introducing Western political reforms into the USSR, Gorbachev and Yeltsin and their elite violated this concept and destroyed the Soviet Union.

Having said that "the collapse of the Soviet Union was a major political disaster of the century," Putin now believes that Russia is capable of reasserting this principle. Western-inspired reformers have been purged, his elites are entrenched, and his power is absolute.

He has forged the link with Russia's historic political concept of tsar and gosudar. As Russian and Soviet history have made clear, it will be difficult for Western political leaders to affect it.

But we should continue to engage Russia in a broad range of discussions as we continue to maintain the integrity and strength of our alliances and sustain our own political values.

Gary Nichols

Cecilia Drive


My message to the football players at Northwestern University who want to join the union is this: You cannot have it both ways. Either you are on scholarship with free tuition in exchange for playing football for the school or you unionize and pay tuition.

Ilse Calcagno

Hidden Oak Drive

Seabrook Island