I am profoundly disappointed in The Post and Courier for not providing coverage of Charles Wadsworth's final public performances at the Dock Street Theatre.

Geoff Nuttal remarked that Mr. Wadsworth wanted those performances to be here in his beloved Charleston.

I won't take the space to recount all of Mr. Wadsworth's accomplishments or his importance to our city and the Spoleto Festival, but those in attendance knew his importance as the standing ovation went on and on and on.

Needless to say, the late Robert Jones never would have let this go unnoticed. We sure could use another Robert Jones.

Ralph B. Piening

Forest Trail

Isle of Palms

I am annoyed that we are being asked to share the road with cyclists, mopeds, golf carts and other slower moving modes of transportation. I believe that bike lanes are a danger to all involved when cyclists are in the path of a turning vehicle.

I don't think any of the above mentioned “vehicles” should be allowed in with the general flow of traffic. It is also absurd that we would be asked to give up a lane of the T. Allen Legare Bridge to cyclists and walkers. It will only serve to exacerbate the already stifled flow of traffic.

We should take a lesson from the Ravenel Bridge. So much thought went into the pedestrian and bike lane that no thought was given to an emergency lane. We need priorities.

Debra Miller

Ashley River Road


It is sad to read articles and letters criticizing and making fun of the Legislature for doing its duty in accordance with the Constitution.

Obamacare is not constitutional.

Article 1, paragraph 1 endows Congress not with “all legislative power,” but only with the “legislative powers herein granted.” Therefore, Congress is a legislative body possessing only “limited” powers specifically granted to it in the Constitution.

These limited legislative powers granted to the federal government are vested only in Congress. Neither the president nor the judiciary can make laws, except by usurpation tolerated by Congress. Now when this does happen and Congress does not impeach the president or the judiciary for corruption, then Congress is culpable, which creates a constitutional crisis.

In addition, when Congress makes an unconstitutional law and the president signs the law and the Judiciary approves it, we have a constitutional crisis.

What are citizens supposed to do when either one of these corruptions happen?

Both Jefferson and Madison said that the nullification process authorized by the 10th Amendment of the Bill of Rights is the best weapon because the people are the sovereign authority over the federal government when it becomes totalitarian.

So what caused this crisis with Obamacare? Congress and the president, through deceptive methods, passed Obamacare without it being read or amended, over the objection of the citizens. The fraud continued when it was presented to the judiciary.

Then the chief justice suddenly said it was a “tax law” and therefore legal in the majority opinion, even though the underlying law is unconstitutional.

Obamacare goes into effect in January, and more people will wake up and finally realize that it is not about medicine and is nothing more than increasing the power of the federal government over the states and the citizens.

Bob Adams

Salt Marsh Cove


With due respect for Mayor Joe Riley's, er, extraordinary aesthetic sense (“Left by the wayside,” June 10 Post and Courier), the vacant lot referred to as our June 18, 2007, firefighter victims' memorial on Savannah Highway, between the traffic lights at Dupont and Wappoo roads, is a humiliating failure as a civic monument.

It is a non-entity as a municipal facility and to most of us, little more than a sad reminder that, in the confederacy of neighborhoods that constitute the city of Charleston, West Ashley beyond Five Points is at best a perennial afterthought.

Philip Snead

North Edgewater Drive


The Internal Revenue Service can be criticized for focusing on right-wing/Tea Party people, but what are political PACs and the like doing trying to pass themselves off as tax-exempt charities?

Political groups and fund- raisers masquerading as charities are a fraud on the U.S. taxpayers. Who allows this kind of fraudulent tax scam? Both parties? Congress?

On Benghazi — does no one blame the terrible misjudgment of the ambassador himself? Why would our ambassador go to a hot zone without adequate security? What was he doing there? If he was denied proper security, wasn't it foolhardy for him to go anyway? Who would know the tenor and mood of Benghazi better than the ambassador himself?

I am amazed at the superficial questions asked by TV news reporters who look for blame and scandal but never get to the root of an issue.

Gary A. Ling

W. Montague Avenue

North Charleston

Melanie Balog's column in the June 16 edition does not relay the true picture of Medicaid. All one has to do is read the op-ed in the same issue written by Dr. Roberta Capp.

This column discussed the inability of a woman who was trying to see a primary care doctor. The doctor even tried to get an appointment via Medicaid and the soonest she could see a primary care doctor was in two months.

The medical industry is similar to the housing bubble in 2008. Obamacare is good for only one reason.

Obamacare will hasten the demise of the current medical industry as we know it in the U.S. Obamacare only adds more bureaucracy on top of the now massive, expensive, inefficient industry including general medical insurance.

Harold Kroninger

Bainbridge Drive


Brian Hicks, in a recent column, recognized Lt. Gov. Glenn McConnell for embracing the hand of fate by “doing something” about the S.C. Office on Aging.

As Hicks pointed out, McConnell could have just “run out the clock” on a job he didn't want in the first place but fate intervened. McConnell soon discovered that seniors in our state have lots of unmet needs and are underserved in numerous ways.

While he discovered that there are needs for more Medicaid beds, more delivered meals and more socialization, the biggest area of need is where seniors live and want to remain — in their current residences. McConnell will try to do something about that by focusing more of the state's limited resources on “aging-in-place” needs.

Wouldn't it be nice if seniors and their families could go to one source to help identify senior resources and services? To find out about local services available through the different government agencies and entities, about non-profit organizations specializing in senior services and private sector services?

Wouldn't it be nice if there was a non-profit organization here dedicated solely to educating older adults and their families about these services? An organization whose members sign a code of ethics?

That organization does exist in the form of the South Carolina Aging in Place Coalition. In operation since 2003, this group of dedicated volunteers has made it their mission to help seniors and their adult children better understand the resources available to them through educational workshops and presentations and by information and videos provided on the Coalition website (www.scaipc.org).

Fate does have a way of catching us off guard, but like Lt. Gov. McConnell we think there is a better way to live independently, safely and comfortably as we age.

Mark M. Smith


S.C. Aging in Place Coalition

Cane Break Lane

Mount Pleasant

My question about a June 4 article, “Mt. Pleasant poised to approve 119 home subdivision,” is this: If it was determined in 2011, and again in April of this year, that the town needs this 46-acre parcel of land at the end of Seacoast Parkway for economic development, why are Town Council and the mayor suddenly willing to lose the economic development land so needed for the live-work concept and change it to residential?

This is the largest economic development parcel close to I-526 and the airport.

The benefits to the town, long-term, by having this land for businesses, will provide a much larger financial gain to the town over the next 40-50 years by way of business taxes and fees, and provide local job opportunities in keeping with the live-work concept. Our children as they enter the workforce can actually live in Mount Pleasant and work in Mount Pleasant if there is economic development land for businesses

Unfortunately, the town voted to re-zone this to residential. I do not understand why. Even the town's economic development committee chairman was very disappointed by the vote.

Debi Decusatis

River Oak Drive

Mount Pleasant

The person who wrote the comment on Sunday about Obama and Verizon and his merry men just isn't right.

Where was your outrage 12 years ago when George W. Bush and his wonderful Vice President Dick Cheney got all forms of power from Congress to do anything they wanted to do, including collecting data on Americans because of the terrorists?

This is not new, and Congress knows about it. Also it was horrible that Benghazi happened, but where was your outrage when we got duped into a war in Iraq that had nothing to do with what happened on 9/11? Over 4,000 soldiers have died because of that big lie, and no one has said George Bush and Cheney should be held responsible. It seems to me that Republicans can get away with anything and there is no outrage.

Remember Watergate, Iran-Contra scandal, the savings and loan scandal, all under Republicans? Not one person paid for these crimes except the American taxpayers.

There are plenty of scandals on both sides, but it only seems to matter if the person is a Democrat.

Stop the nonsense. All people in Washington should have term limits and not be allowed to accept money from all kinds of lobbyist. Enough is enough.

John Miller

Antler Drive


I find it very regressive of The Post and Courier to remove national and world news from the front section of the paper.

What happens beyond the South affects us all very deeply, and to make it secondary denies our relationship to those events.

I feel I am getting a little rural newspaper with little content of matter.

Please reconsider this new emphasis on our area and make it a true NEWSpaper.

Shirley Cotton

Heathland Way

Mount Pleasant