Much has been written recently about the need to increase the state gas tax to fund drastically needed road and bridge construction and maintenance.

While out-of-state users pay a portion of this need, I propose a new program that will increase that source of income.

I recently signed up for a gas card at a newly opened mega-station from the Upstate that is expanding in the Lowcountry. When I enter my gas card at the pump, the price for that grade of gas is automatically reduced 10 cents.

I propose a similar system statewide that automatically adds a surcharge — say 10 or 15 cents a gallon — when any credit card with an out-of-state zip code is used. That amount would be shown on the receipt, and 100 percent of it would be used for the roads program.

This would entail an added cost for the stations to convert pumps to the new system as well as the administrative cost of collecting and reporting, but with technology available today this should not be a deal killer. Perhaps the station owners could receive a small percentage of the extra income to cover these costs.

The average state resident is reluctant to see an increase in any tax, but this novel idea would be a real user fee and the start of positive steps to increase funding for our roads.

If our governor finds adequate funding, fine, but so far she has not shown us how her plan would work, and we can’t stand four years of deliberations waiting for a magic fix.

Charles H. Davis

Club Course Drive

North Charleston

My heart breaks reading the excellent coverage on domestic violence. We are a nation of laws, and truly this one needs the toughest of penalties. Partners and children are victims. Sadly, as the article quotes, children can “become the next cycle of abusers.”

Statistics show that early adolescent sex and an increased number of sexual partners are factors connected to dating violence.

The state Health Advisory Committee last year passed and promoted the “Making Proud Choices” sex ed curriculum. Rather than teach restraint, this appalling curriculum focuses on safe sex.

This radical liberal agenda is supported by Planned Parenthood and other like-minded agencies funded by millions of tax dollars. Fortunately, CCSD can choose its own sex curriculums, and many have fairly balanced programs. Other counties are not so diligent.

However, liberals are fighting hard right now, using tax dollars for laws to take that control from our schools. Conversely, the Heritage Keepers and Sex Can Wait programs, among others, teach that the context of sex should be marriage.

One study shows over 65 percent of our high school kids have not had sex. Maybe they understand relationships better than Planned Parenthood and those who push the liberal agenda. We need to tell our children the truth and give them the tools to help stop the cycle of abuse.

Al Schirduan

W. Hudson Avenue

Folly Beach

I am surprised the plan is still to deepen Charleston Harbor at a cost of tens of millions of dollars, if climate change will cause the sea level to rise by five or more feet.

This increase in ocean levels will automatically provide the needed harbor depth required by newer, larger ships, negating the need to deepen the harbor, and therefore would save taxpayers millions of dollars.

Or is climate change really not going to cause any significant change in sea level?

Jerry Johnson

Prestwick Court


Tom McQueeney and his crew of volunteers did an outstanding job with the second edition of the Medal of Honor Bowl. The patriotism and pride exhibited were unsurpassed. All of the players expressed their respect for the MOH recipients and the military as a whole.

The presence of the medal recipients, the military, the South Carolina State University marching band and the carnival in the parking lot were first class. (Loved those Atlanta Falcon cheerleaders.) While I regret missing last year, I will not miss another.

Carlton Poulnot

Sampa Road

Mount Pleasant

There is a lot of controversy about police stopping people for what seems to be no cause. The impression being made is that it is racial.

Not true. It happens to anyone looking out of place or suspicious. My husband and I are white, and in 1962 lived in two rented rooms on lower King Street.

We made it a habit to take walks downtown window-shopping in the late evening before turning in. (It was all we could afford). We were never stopped.

That changed when, due to my pregnancy, he began walking alone. Several times he would come home laughing and tell me about yet another “stop and detain” with police guns drawn. He was put in handcuffs each time until the police could determine his identity.

Once he was stopped three different times because he matched the description they had received of someone who had just robbed a convenience store. Finally, they told him to go straight home so he wouldn’t be stopped again.

He was never harmed, only because he obeyed their instructions immediately and answered their questions promptly and honestly. He told me he was glad to see that the police were doing their job.

The police are polite and careful even when they are putting their lives in danger. From all the news reports, if those stopped responded as they should, they would be as safe as in their mothers’ arms. That is, if they are respectful, honest and innocent.

Several young men would still be with us if they had responded appropriately. It’s about time we supported our policemen. They are trying to protect us.

Margaret S. Lentz

Hood Street


The Post and Courier recently published a letter from a gentleman espousing the benefits of unions. Most of what he wrote about — child labor, low wages, etc. — was true for the period in which those things occurred.

However, let’s consider what unions are doing today, what they have done for the last few decades and what they are getting away with.

Did you know that as a union member you can be assessed extra dues if an affiliate goes on strike?

Did you know that a union steward has super seniority? In a layoff that steward will still be on the job even though he may be junior to many of those laid off.

Take the local General Electric plant. There were several votes for unionization there, the last one coming down to two contested votes. Those votes should have gone to GE, but the NLRB in all its’ stupidity gave them to the union.

When that happened the workers had just built the plant’s coffin. The union staged a five-day walkout. That put the lid on the coffin and people lost their jobs. By the way, the plant was moved.

Unions today have lost their usefulness and are only out for themselves (the union heads). They don’t care about their members. They are doing this off the blood, sweat and tears of their members.

Joseph Ohorodnyk Sr.

Vickie Street


Charleston City Council and the Tourism Commission should read and re-read the Jan. 18 commentary, “Don’t rush to adopt city tourism plan.”

Barbara Ellison has provided wise counsel that should not be ignored.

For the sake of their city, residents shouldn’t let glowing reports of commercialism upstage a history of civility and beauty.

Warren Watts

Bishop Gadsden Way