Don’t blame the potential Medicaid reimbursement cuts to doctors on Obamacare. Federal law requires that Medicaid reimbursement rates be adjusted annually to keep spending in line with GDP growth.

Medicaid spending has typically outpaced economic growth, so the law requires rates to be cut every year to keep Medicaid financially sound.

Congress has blocked these cuts from happening more than two dozen times over the past decade, passing what’s known in Washington as the “doc fix.”

Lawmakers could issue such a remedy again this time. But each time they stall the cut, it gets bigger for the next year. On Jan. 1, physicians face a 26.5 percent cut in reimbursement rates.

The answer lies in a big budget bill Congress passed in 1997, which introduced something called the “sustainable growth rate” for Medicaid.

Strategic Government Resources says essentially that the amount Medicaid pays doctors for an average Medicaid patient can’t grow faster than the economy as a whole.

In 1997 Bill Clinton was president while both the Senate and House were under Republican control — the House by 226-207 margin, while the Senate had a 55-45 Republican margin. Place the blame on actions taken in 1997.

Tim Geho

Parrot Creek Way


What got us into this position of being terrorized by radical Islamists?

A major contributor is political correctness. We are so afraid of hurting someone’s feelings that we kowtow to every charlatan who shakes his fist at us.

Set all the special forces groups under a single commander and chain of command. Once set into motion, this cannot be stopped or all will be lost.

We should use their tactics on them. There will be some collateral damage. Take the hit and get those terrorizing the world.

Those in the USA who may try to assist terrorists overseas can be treated like the Japanese Americans were treated in World War II.

If we have proof that they are sympathetic to and aiding the enemy, ship them over there and leave them. If they want to live here, they better love this country. If they love that country, return them there.

The combination of all the special forces of all branches of the military and the CIA would be a formidable fighting force.

With one chain of command there would be no duplication of work, and those fighters best trained for certain types of warfare could be sent on that type of task.

It would not be a popular movement in some circles but would be appreciated by all in a few years when the job is done and terrorists are a thing of the past.

Suck it up and take the heat, but stop it as soon as possible.

K.L. Muse

Robbin Street

Moncks Corner

A letter in the Jan. 9 edition thanked President Obama for the low gas prices. While lowering gas prices seems a trivial feat for one who heralded his nomination as an event that would slow the ocean’s rise, the writer’s glowing attribution is of a piece with the rooster taking credit for the dawn.

As anyone even tangentially versed in the economics of commodities will agree, supply and demand drive these prices.

So assuming static or increasing U.S. demand, prices would stay the same or rise unless supply increased as a result of Obama’s actions.

And what has Obama done with supply?

The government’s own figures tell the tale: in FY2010, sales of crude oil and condensate from federal lands were 722 million barrels; in FY2013 a mere 606 million — a 16 percent decline.

For natural gas from federal lands: 5,087 billion cubic feet in FY2010 vs. 3,843 billion in FY2013 — a decline of 24 percent.

Obama’s mighty pen cannot scratch out fundamental economic laws.

Elizabeth Vary

George Vary

Black River Drive

Mount Pleasant

With all the current interest in the Charlie Hebdo satirical magazine, perhaps your readers would like to know the “Charlie” actually refers to our own lovable Charlie Brown in the daily comics.

Hebdo simply means “weekly.”

Mike West

Ashmont Drive


We have known for many years that the politicians in Washington think they know what is best for us. They make laws and spend our money to perpetuate their position of dominance over us.

I thought it was isolated to D.C., until I read the Jan. 10 Post and Courier.

Columbia has now shown its true colors and has quietly started clear-cutting the trees on I-26.

I have read in the same newspaper and heard on the radio and TV news, that the majority of the people don’t want them cut.

And on top of that, you know the company that got the contract is from Columbia and not from the Lowcountry.

I wonder just how far to the right of the road they are going to cut when they find out drivers without enough sleep are running off the right-hand side?

Charles Smalldridge

Captain Kidd Road