I can respect some of Gene Sapakoff's comments regarding the College of Charleston search committee's idea to bring back former coach Bobby Cremins while grooming Anthony Johnson as the next leader of the Cougars.

What I can't respect is yet another barb being thrown toward the new president, Glenn McConnell, by writing that this is "maybe just a prank."

Sure, Anthony Johnson is an alumnus and former NBA player, and many would like to see him start coaching this year, even though he has no coaching experience.

The past few years haven't been exactly stellar ones, but as the Cougars regroup, look again for their winning ways.

What a great opportunity for all. A one-year deal that allows Johnson to learn, be mentored by a winning legend and have the chance to put himself and the Cougars again in the national spotlight is positive.

To all the naysayers, lighten up and be fair and civil regarding McConnell, and give the program a chance to rebound.

A prank? Give me an opportunity like this and I'll take it.

Mr. Sapakoff, relax and give all three of them some room.

Michael Allen

Downing Street


Heat indexes are informative but annoying, because the real temperature is already high enough.

Lenny Branch

Jasper Boulevard

Sullivan's Island

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Charleston Fire Chief Karen Brack as an ambassador for the Heroes for Fire Victims Campaign of the American Red Cross, Carolina Lowcountry Chapter. Chief Brack took several ambassadors and supporters on a tour of the newest fire station and headquarters on King Street.

What a beautiful building with every feature carefully planned. It is situated to be well out of harm's way should a hurricane strike and could accommodate up to 50 firemen.

It is an ongoing training, staffing and planning facility, and everything is running like a well-oiled machine. The communication with the various fire districts is vastly improved and everyone works to assist each other. In addition to other community and disaster needs, the Red Cross works directly with the fire department to help those displaced by residential fires.

Chief Brack thanked "those volunteers who show up at 3 a.m. to assist a family who has been burned out of their home."

Chief Brack informed us that firefighters on duty are required to complete three sessions of training each day they are on duty in addition to their job requirements.

There are medical standards to be maintained for each fireman as cardio issues are the leading cause of death. They are also working to improve our national accreditation ranking, in order to help assist in lowering homeowner insurance rates.

Chief Brack appears to be very focused on the vast responsibilities that await her attention every day.

She recently celebrated her second anniversary as city fire chief. We are so fortunate to have such a dedicated and professional leader.

Tina Doscher

South Edgewater Drive


What has happened to our small town?

We have had our homes, garages and automobiles broken into, businesses have had to deal with shoplifters, air conditioning units are being stolen off the back of buildings.

Cars, trucks, motorcycles, lawnmowers, guns and other items have been stolen from our homes and some businesses.

These are only the reported crimes.

Is this what comes with the growth of our town?

Moncks Corner's land area has increased from 7.29 square miles in 2010 to 7.72 square miles, according to the Geographic Information System for Moncks Corner. The resident population was recorded as 5,962 in the year 2000.

The population - according to factfinder.census.gov - 9,150 residents by the 2013 estimate. Our predicted population according to the Comprehensive Plan for the Strategic Growth of Moncks Corner, was expected to exceed 10,000 by the year 2020. It's now 2014 and we have almost reached that number.

Has the increase of law enforcement funding matched the growth of our town? Will the appropriated funding meet the future growth of Moncks Corner? Is protection of our citizens and businesses a priority for our town officials?

I encourage everyone to get involved. Talk to your neighbors, contact Mayor William Peagler and town council members and see how your input can help them better meet the needs of everyone in our community.

Patricia Whaley

Dehay Street

Moncks Corner

The ongoing political campaign is a good time to get acquainted with an opportunity to right some of the corruption-causing aspects of recent Supreme Court decisions and place elections more completely in the hands of the people.

The Move to Amend campaign is about five years old. It would amend the Constitution to end corporate personhood.

Such a construct adds corporations to the number of legal residents as if they had the same qualities and entitlements as actual living humans.

It gives corporations the right to spend nearly limitless amounts of money to influence outcomes of elections.

This alters the basis of democracy intended to be responsive to real people eligible to vote. Our founders intended our nation to be a real representative republic that is as democratic as practicable.

The Move to Amend is also intended to prevent the notion that money is speech, giving billionaires the opportunity to use a small fraction of their wealth to significantly influence the outcome of elections. Permitting this to continue makes a travesty of the concept of equal opportunity in America.

The possibility of equal opportunity is the faith-like notion of our nation that makes it worthy of fighting to defend.

To learn more about the organization and its success to date, contact info@movementtoamend.org.

P. Coker Stogner

W. 9th North Street


Re your Aug. 24 Arts & Travel front page and to the point, the proposed Clemson Architecture Center pictured on the cover. It is one of the ugliest proposed buildings I have ever seen. And just the idea that from the picture, it is next to a more typical classical building design, makes it even more unpleasant.

Seymour Rosenthal

Waterfront Drive

Mount Pleasant

Kudos to Nancy Muller for her Aug. 19 letter titled "Save CRDA from counties' myopia." She said what should be obvious to the three county governments concerning the Charleston Regional Development Alliance.

If tweaking needs to be done, do it, but cooperation beats self-promotional effort every time. To paraphrase a famous "wag":

"It's about jobs, stupid."

Warren Watts

Bishop Gadsden Way


Charleston has evolved over the last decade into a major food destination.

With seven new restaurants opening this fall that trend continues, or is the better word "accelerates"?

By employing Hanna Raskin as your food reviewer/editor, you provide an important service to your readers. She is a remarkable critic.

Her advice, both favorable and not so favorable, shines a light on the food possibilities in the "Foody City."

Ms. Raskin has become a must read in The Post and Courier. Luring her to Charleston constitutes a major accomplishment.

Well done.

Frank Leister

Archdale Street