In a Jan. 8 letter to the editor, the writer commenting on a proposal for an NRA course in public schools said:

“That elected officials who determine the course of the lives of South Carolinians can promote such irresponsible laws reflects badly on what I believe and hope is the reasonable attitude of most of our citizens.”

But, if what he believes and hopes is true why do these same officials continue to be re-elected time after time?

William T. Ashby

Stratford Drive


One thing that I can count on — The Post and Courier will always provide a good laugh with some of its letters to the editor. A Jan. 9 letter thanked Obama for a prosperous 2014. That first line had me in stitches. The writer went on to thank him for $2.16 a gallon gas. That’s like thanking Al Sharpton for calm in Ferguson, Missouri.

Obama and his minions have done all they can do to stop energy exploration and production is this country. It is in spite of, not because of, him that we are booming in energy production.

Thanking for Obamacare is like thanking someone for only cutting off three of your limbs instead of all four. He is thanking a man whose program was sold on the “stupidity of the American people.”

He lied over and over to the public because he knew that the truth would cause this bill to be overwhelmingly rejected by the American people.

In this last election Obama said his policies were on the ballot — how did that work for you?

The only suggestion I would offer is that the next such letter be put on the comic page.

Fudgy Brabham

Marina Drive

Daniel Island

People say Congress never gets anything done. Why do you suppose that might be? Members of the Democratic Party will tell you that it is all the fault of Republicans. They call the Republican Party “the party of no.” However, for the past six years the reason for the lack of action in Congress falls on the shoulders of one man — former Senate majority leader, Harry Reid, D-Nev.

Sen. Reid, with the help of a Democratic majority, changed the procedural rules of the Senate so that many of the bills sent to the Senate during the last six years were never voted on. This supposedly was to prevent embarrassing President Obama or members of the Democratic party by sending bills to the president that he might have been forced to veto.

Now that Republicans have a majority in the Senate, the new majority leader, Mitch McConnell, has vowed to restore the Senate to “regular order” (including things like debate, conference work, amendments and filibuster). This will ensure that bills eventually will reach Mr. Obama’s desk, and will expose Democrats as the real obstructionists of the past six years. Best of all it will prove that Republicans can get things done by letting the Senate perform as our founding fathers intended.

The Senate will then be a forum for debate, deliberation and coalition-building as it should be. When that happens, we will see who really has been “the party of no.”

Hugh Gwyn

Fairway Oaks Lane

Isle of Palms

With the college football championship completed everyone can assume Ohio State would be ranked No. 1 and Oregon ranked No. 2. But what about the remaining Top 25 rankings?

Both the AP and USA coaches polls were released last week. Clemson fans may be wondering where the Tigers finished. They finished the season ranked a respectable No. 15 in both polls.

Clemson is one of only four teams to be ranked in the Top 25 for the fourth consecutive year, along with Alabama, Florida State and Oregon.

Additionally, Clemson is one of only five teams to be ranked in the top 15 for three consecutive years, with the others being Alabama, Florida State, Oregon and Ohio State.

Quite an accomplishment. Well done, Tigers.

Robbie Jordan

N. Channel Court

James Island

I read The Post and Courier article “South Carolina priorities set, Legislature seeks remedies.” Before anyone passes a fuel tax, ethics reformation must be passed in our state Legislature.

Without ethical elected officials, our state is doomed to not move forward, forever living in the past.

An example of this “backward” looking attitude is a quote attributed to former House Speaker Bobby Harrell, who apparently still believes he did nothing wrong. Any elected official who thinks like that most likely believes he can do almost anything he wants, ethics be damned.

The second challenge we face is to get politicians to stop spending so much of our money. Before fuel taxes are raised, we need to go through the state project list and redefine the priorities, eliminating those that do not make sense, given our limited money.

The state Legislature would be better off eliminating the state income tax and letting local governments set local sales tax rates.

Our elected politicians need to keep in mind there is another monetary wolf in the distance as they talk about increasing fuel taxes. How much is the federal government going to raise its gas tax?

We will not help our state government by raising taxes. We must continue to say “no” so that our elected officials learn how to spend money wisely.

Without ethics reform, they will not learn anything and the state wolf will continue to howl as we reach into our pockets asking, “How much this time?”

Joe Mayo

Gunnison Street

Mount Pleasant

As a 55-year-old bicyclist, I have read with interest the multitude of opinions on cycling. I hail from a much more traffic-structured madhouse. Once here, I found travel and convenience much more palatable.

I have lived in Mount Pleasant in the Shem Creek area and recently closer to the Johnnie Dodds, Northcutt area. Four years ago I was nothing more than a statistic among bicyclists going about and not being a bother to anyone.

I am now a prime suspect.

A week before Thanksgiving I was pulled over by an officer of the Mount Peasant Police Department for riding on the sidewalk on Wingo Way. I was told it was illegal. The officer returned to his cruiser, and I heard the radio message: “The suspect is in custody.”

Five weeks later I was pulled over on my bicycle on Houston Northcutt by three officers with their vehicles parked on the boulevard, lights flashing. The first officer said I matched the description of a crime suspect. I denied any involvement when the second stated that I fit the description to a “T.” Thereafter, I was scared, rude and crude.

I take pride in respecting others, but felt helpless and bullied.

I think my safety net will involve hiring a woman or child to ride with me so that I meet the criteria of this city’s elite.

Dennis Mitchell

Alexandra Drive

Mount Pleasant

Regarding the article on trees in the Jan. 7 Post and Courier, there may be many reasons to cut down grand trees. One would be where a tree prevents necessary progress in a community. Another would be much needed cash for a poor person.

But when a grand tree is cut down, its beauty is lost.

There is a poem about trees that says: “Only God can make a tree.” A person may plant a tree, but if it grows a divine hand is at work.

Claude Crawford

Hara Lane


I remind those who trust the 97 percent of scientists who say climate change exists, that at the time of Columbus, the prevailing theory of scientists was that the Earth was flat.

Jeff Todd

Angora Way