Re an Aug. 2 letter titled "GOP shifts blame":

In 2010, the House passed 290 bills that Harry Reid wouldn't allow the Senate to vote on.

In 2012, the House sent 24 jobs bills to the Senate that died there because Harry Reid wouldn't allow them to be introduced.

So far in 2014, according to Rep. Mark Sanford, the House has sent more than 320 bills that have not been brought to the floor of the Senate. Bills on everything from immigration reform to the economy. But somehow, it's the GOP who is accused of having a "miserable record."

So I suggest that those who believe that the Republicans are "a laughingstock" and that they "refuse to do their job" might want to look at the facts - which lead directly to Harry Reid.

Apparently the GOP is only doing its job when it goes along with whatever Harry Reid or President Obama wants, without worrying about the cost or where the funding will come from or whether it is the best legislation for the entire country.

That's the Democrats' vision of America: Spend, spend, spend.

Thank God the GOP says no.

Linda Ensor

Hamlet Road


This is probably the third time I've written about the fact that there is no signal at the crosswalk at Charlotte and Meeting streets. I have witnessed frequently people almost getting hit.

I suggested to the S.C. Department of Transportation that a small "Yield to pedestrians in crosswalk - State Law" sign be erected at the center of that crosswalk and the many other unprotected crosswalks throughout the city.

A DOT supervisor said that the city was against using the signs, but allows a portable sign to be used on weekends when there are activities at Marion Square. So pedestrians are fair game the rest of the week?

Paul Krechman

Jasimine Court


In October of 2008 the deficit clock in our nation's capital ran out of digits because it was over $10 trillion.

In January of 2009 the only trucks on Rivers Avenue were beer and Coca-Cola trucks.

There were no trains running in or out of Charleston from November of 2008 until around March of 2009. Or at least I heard no train whistles during this time.

Our economy was headed for collapse.

The large banks had to be saved since they held 80 percent of the debt in this country. Make no mistake, it was no accident that Ben Bernanke's hobby was studying the Great Depression. Our president and his team saved the country from another one.

The United States is 37th in health care out of 37 industrialized countries: dead last. We are the last to get a national health care system.

South Carolina ranks consistently in the top five in overall crime.

We had a governor who wanted to put the Ten Commandments in the state capitol while having an affair while married. Then we turn around and elect the guy to represent us in Washington?

If anyone is too proud it is a defense mechanism hiding ills, and such is South Carolina and the way we feel about the good ole U.S. of A.

We do not have a cookie cutter government where one size fits all. We need to clean up our act at home. We need to learn from the past, live in the present and look to the future.

G. Maynard Hunt

Rivers Avenue

North Charleston

All the recent news items about the NCAA changing sports rules to pander to certain schools add more proof that the term "student athlete" is an oxymoron.

Stephen Claeys

North Highway 17

Mount Pleasant

In his Aug. 12 response to an editorial, Rep. James Clyburn claims that the talk of the impeachment of President Obama is not a Democratic Party scare tactic being used for political purposes.

He asserts that those rascally Republicans are poised to pass the articles of impeachment in the House of Representatives just as soon as the mid-term elections are over, if the Republicans maintain control of the House and gain control of the Senate.

The honorable representative from South Carolina's Sixth District seems to be using some revisionist history to explain why Republicans can't be trusted not to impeach Mr. Obama (i.e. Harry Reid and the Senate Democrats, not Republicans in the House, forced the most recent government shutdown).

In addition, he fails to acknowledge that the math surrounding his impeachment scenario just doesn't add up.

The U.S. Senate is currently controlled by the Democratic Party with a 55/45 seat majority including two Independents who caucus with the Democrats.

Most predictions at this point in time show that the Republicans might retake the Senate this November but if they do, they would likely have a majority of only one or two seats.

If we look at the requirements set up in the U.S. Constitution - or what's currently left of it - we will see that indeed the House could pass an article of impeachment with a simple majority vote. Given the divisions in the House Republican caucus that even Mr. Clyburn points out in his recent column, that in itself might and likely would be an impossible task.

Should the House pass that unlikely article of impeachment, it would take a 67-vote super-majority in the Senate to convict Mr. Obama. I find it unlikely that all of the Senate Republicans and a third or more of the Democrats in the Senate would vote to convict the president.

The Democratic Party and its willing partners in the mainstream media are the ones stirring up all the talk of impeachment to try to stem the tide in the upcoming mid-term elections.

The Republican Party knows that the talk of impeachment is a waste of time - the math just doesn't work

Mark Hammerstedt

Chrismill Lane

Mount Pleasant

Dot Scott's column in The Post and Courier about the death of Denzel Curnell left out some facts.

Number one, she failed to say the police officer was an off-duty officer hired to patrol this apartment complex.

She said that Curnell wasn't breaking any law, but what about the concealed weapon he was carrying?

Maybe in her mind the officer should not have stopped him just because he was wearing a hoodie in this hot weather.

I would tell her that each time we see news about a bank robbery or other crimes, the suspects are wearing hoodies to help hide their identity.

Once again, one of our police officers is being questioned about performing his job.


Sgt. First Class, U.S. Army (Retired)

St. Margaret Street


If Rep. Mark Sanford is going to vote against the Veterans Affairs overhaul and the support of Israel's Iron Dome defense system because of his principled stance on unfunded initiatives, he at least should be consistent.

How hypocritical of Rep. Sanford to travel to China with his son on a "fact-finding trip funded by the House Transportation Committee" when in fact he knows that the funding is coming from the same place the VA and Iron Dome funding would have come from.

Jeff Weiner

Legends Club Drive

Mount Pleasant

May Robin Williams rest in peace. He brought such genius, love and laughter to our everyday lives.

We will miss him and cherish his memory.

Jonathan E. Walker

Coral Reef Drive

Johns Island