There can be no border security until the borders are as tight as they need to be. It is obvious that if we let this well- intentioned immigration bill pass, we will never solve the long-term issue.

Why is it that House Republicans are being castigated for trying to do the right thing the right way? Does anyone in his right mind think that illegals will stop coming if the current laws are not enforced — to the maximum?

We have seen the consistent inconsistency of this Senate and this administration. If the real men of Congress do not hold their ground on this issue, we are all doomed. There have been many other instances in our history when good men stood their ground. We have to do it again.

Lewis Wade

Cottageville Highway


The Charleston County School District has adopted closing the achievement gap as a goal. The greatest single cause of the achievement gap is poverty, and a proven way to reduce that gap is early childhood education to prepare children living in poverty for learning to read.

If a child has not learned to read by third grade, it will be difficult for him to learn for the rest of his education. He will probably give up and drop out of school.

A disturbing statistic: The typical 6-year-old child living in poverty has a working vocabulary of about 3,000 words, whereas the typical 6-year-old child not living in poverty has a 20,000 word vocabulary. Children in poverty desperately need a way to overcome that deficit. A pre-school program for 4-year-olds, using a proven curriculum, monitored for effectiveness, can improve greatly those children’s reading readiness.

Dr. Nancy McGinley, Charleston County School District superintendent, has a plan for increasing the availability of pre-school for 4-year-olds who live in poverty. At a recent meeting sponsored by the Charleston Area Justice Ministry, she agreed to speed up that plan to offer school for all 4-year-olds in Title I elementary schools within the next two years.

The first step would add 15 classes to accommodate 300 more students. I urge the School Board, while considering the budget, to think strategically: Every child who has been adequately prepared is a child who will not need expensive remedial programs and will be able to gain the education to become gainfully employed and a contributing citizen of our community.


N. Hampton Drive


Many parents have reacted negatively to a recent article about a school giving Roo Cups as a reward to students. I can understand parents not wanting their children to go and buy sugary drinks all summer long for only 25 cents, but it also seems to me that parents don’t want to accept responsibility.

Whatever happened to watching what your children eat? You’re the adult. Having a Roo Cup doesn’t mean a child is going to run to the gas station every day. If you don’t want your child using his Roo Cup too much, give it to him only every so often.

Someone said that the Roo Cup idea was bad because, when children’s parents are gone and they’re not allowed to play outside, they’ll just go fill up their Roo Cup with sugary drinks. This thinking is flawed. If children aren’t allowed to play outside, how are they going to be allowed to fill up their Roo Cups while their parents are away?

I’m a teenager, and I have a Roo Cup. I had one last summer. Once in awhile when I’m out running errands with a parent, they’ll stop at a gas station and I’ll fill my cup. My parents have educated me about the dangers of abusing sugary drinks, and I’m very careful about the things I eat and drink. These cups are meant to be a nice treat.

This whole thing has been blown out of proportion simply because parents won’t accept responsibility for the health of their children.

Izabella Schrandt

Moreto Circle


A brief news item (June 20) states matter-of-factly that Homeland Security agents have helped apprehend a suspected child pornographer.

I must ask, what does Homeland Security have to do with child pornography?

Child pornography is an unspeakable scourge; it needs to be erased. But what does it have to do with terrorism?

The Department of Homeland Security was established, I thought, to help prevent and solve acts of terrorism. A worthy mission and a necessary one, though I do worry when I read that the department has become the largest single employer in the state of Maryland.

What other sorts of suspects might the Department of Homeland Security find to be of interest?

In knitting ourselves a blanket of security, are we sleeping through the death of our privacy, of our liberties? If so, have we even noticed? Do we even care?

Sam Watson

Pinckney Street


Every time I read a letter to the editor making statements to discredit the government in Washington, I chuckle.

1) Vote them out of office and take our country back: Take our country back? From whom? The Russians? The Chinese? This statement is absolutely absurd.

2) They divide the country: Historically in any democracy, people agree and others disagree with the government’s policies. I don’t see any division in this country with this administration.

3) Stop their socialist agenda: It is news to me that 54 million Americans are socialists and voted for Obama in the last election in order to advance his socialist agenda. This statement is ridiculous.

4) We are heading for economic disaster: With the unemployment rate the lowest in more than five years and a booming Wall Street this statement is absolutely untrue.

5) America has become the laughingstock around the world: Really? I have the privilege to watch the news from different countries around the world, and according to distinguished newscasters from the Dish network — and not from the propagandists and agitators from the Fox News channel — America today is well-respected and recognized as a world leader.

America’s foreign policy today is based on honesty, fairness and justice, instead of the bully policy of the Bush era. And the laughable statements go on and on. I would like to ask all those pessimists one question: Where were you from 2000 to 2008 when the real downturn and decline of America was taking place?

And lastly, we the readers of The Post and Courier are intelligent people, and we know that America today is in good and capable hands, moving in the right direction after eight years of GOP destruction.

G.A. Monocrusos

Betsy Road


The PC police have struck again. Don’t we have more important things to worry about than what someone said 40 years ago?

I am not a big fan of Paula Dean. I can’t stand the accent, plus she’s a Southerner, God forbid, over 20, a trifle overweight, divorced, likes butter, etc. I was immediately reminded of the Inquisition and other notorious political mentalities who believe it’s “my way or no way.”

I challenge anyone to deny ever making a disparaging remark at someone else’s expense sometime in life. I daresay we would all be charged guilty, no matter how much we may have changed opinions in 40 years. The great thing about time is we grow and learn how to get along.

I hear music lyrics that greatly offend me, not to mention the excessively loud volume, but I put it down to youthful enthusiasm or ignorance and go about my business.

Are we going to arrest all these young people, or the current crop of “comedians” who can’t tell a joke without vulgarity?

We’ll have to build more jails. And that sure isn’t politically correct. But wait, I’ll just stone myself and save everyone who disagrees with me the trouble. But y’all stand in line. Your turn is coming. They will get you, sooner or later.

Laura Caulder

Old Kemper Road

Lake View