As a non-Christian I feel that everyone has a right to practice his religion as he sees fit.

I do not feel someone has the right to force his beliefs on anyone else. Atheists are not the only ones who object to sectarian prayers in public places.

If I were a wounded soldier I would feel that the chaplain was disrespecting me and my religion by praying in the name of Jesus.

It would bring me no comfort. When I was in the service most chaplains preached to all religions.

I was at sabbath services conducted by a priest in fluent Hebrew that were beautifully done. I was also in a hospital room waiting to go to the operating room when the surgeon came in and asked my wife and me if he could pray with us. We agreed.

He ended his prayer in Jesus name. Here was a man who was about to perform surgery on me who did not even have the decency to read the medical chart to see what religion I was.

Neal Gittleman

Park West Boulevard

Mount Pleasant

During his first presidential run in 2008, Barack Obama promised that if elected his administration would be "the most ethical and transparent to have ever entered office."

After almost six years, Father Time and history will not only dispel this claim but objectively show that not a single department under the direction of the executive branch was left untarnished.

And any attempt to get information about the administration has resulted in a well-organized plan to withhold all information from Congress and the American people.

The Department of Veterans Affairs, Internal Revenue Service, Justice Department, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Environmental Protection Agency, State Department, Department of the Interior, Defense Department, Department of Education, and Health and Human Services Department are just some on the list of government entities that have succumbed to the blatant and intentional politicizing of our government.

This administration views the various departments as an extension of the Chicago- style political machine that operates solely to support an agenda driven by the Democratic National Committee and for the expressed intent to suppress any dissent.

These federal agencies act as goon squads when there are opposing views not compliant with their talking points or their definition of reality.

The common threads that bind all these government agencies are not the scandals they are involved in, but the scandalous bravado and withholding of information from the American people and constant disinformation they espouse while displaying an aura of impunity not just as if they are above the law, but as if they are the law.

Tim Peyton

Deercreek Road

Mount Pleasant

I am a veteran and a strong supporter of veteran rights. I, along with many, am appalled by recent reports of the lack of health care to our nation's veterans in Arizona.

Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki should resign or be removed from office immediately.

As a past Department (state) Commander of The American Legion Department of South Carolina living in Charleston, I have heard from a number of veterans about the Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center.

Their feedback on health care is very positive. The VA medical center in partnership with MUSC is providing quality, timely health care to the 58,000 veterans in their system.

The negative feedback I hear involves the lack of adequate patient parking, which is not unusual in this area of downtown Charleston.

The medical center staff has been addressing this problem for years with small steps such as valet parking to try and solve the problem.

Funding for a new two-story parking garage has finally been approved with the ground breaking scheduled for the fall.

The parking garage along with shuttle bus service will provide 800 more much needed parking spaces.

I would be very surprised if the problems in Arizona ever touch our Charleston shores.

The staff at the Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center are committed to serving those who served our nation.

R.E. Walsh

Woodside Drive


Back in the mid-1990s Vince Graham wanted to build a round-about on Mathis Ferry Road for better access in and out of the I'On subdivision.

He caught "down the river" criticism from Mount Pleasant Town Council.

Now, how many do we have in Mount Pleasant?

We have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 - and still counting.

By the way I have never met Mr. Graham; I only know of him from the newspaper.

I say, thank you, Mr. Graham, they work just fine.

Lorice McMahon

Planters Curve

Mount Pleasant