Kudos to Dr. Bernard Mansheim for his excellent response to The Post and Courier's relentless belittlement of the Affordable Care Act.

I'm old enough to remember the (mostly Republican) opposition to Medicare and Social Security, yet I don't know any senior citizen who would give up these indispensable benefits.

I was taught that I am my brother's keeper and that all of us are made in the image and likeness of God. Therefore we all have a God-given dignity that neither poverty, prejudice or inequality can take away.

All should have a dignified job with a living wage (not a minimum wage), medical care, education and decent living conditions.

What do my fellow Christians think about when they read or hear the Beatitudes and Chapter 25 of Matthew's Gospel?

Sal Inglese

Honeysuckle Lane


Christians are taking their lumps lately in the Mideast as Michael Gerson, columnist for the Washington Post Writers Group, pointed out in a recent column.

People of good will should speak out against the persecution and violence that we witness at the hands of radical Islamists in Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, and a wide swath of North Africa.

Pope Francis has taken note of the persecution by stating that his church will not resign itself to a Middle East without Christians. He went further into the matter by addressing his flock on Christmas day with an assertion that all people of good will, including atheists, should work for peace.

Pope Francis is no ordinary pope and should be listened to. The former bouncer knows that help should come from wherever it can be found.

An acquaintance with the history of his church tells him that popes no longer fight as supporters of holy crusade armies like they did in times past; and he surely knows that letting bygones be bygones cannot be helpful if learning from the past is a worthy goal.

Public announcement and execution of the sentences of the Inquisition, as the burning of heretics at the stake, is past history. This unpleasant history should serve as another reminder of the excesses of the church.

Pope Francis has shown in his short tenure that he understands that people of no faith do not have the same means at their disposal as people of faith to wreak havoc on one another.

History amply records this unpleasant fact all over the globe, and folks of good will should work together for peace.

Louis C. Tisdale

Heron Avenue

Mount Pleasant

I applaud The Post and Courier for breaking the "climate silence." It is simple science that the amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere corresponds directly with the average mean temperature of the Earth. Period.

I blame the messengers for creating skeptics and the politicizing of this simple scientific fact.

Al Gore and Barack Obama are far-left-leaning politicians who have helped bring awareness but at the expense of it becoming a political issue.

In reality this is not a political issue but a human issue. It affects everyone.

Logan Creech

Ferry Street

Mount Pleasant

A Dec. 4 letter writer stated his obviously secular opinion on the efficacy of the use of the Common Core curriculum in teaching science.

Aside from his childish denigrations of those of us of faith, he attempts to place science as the only possible source for an explanation of the existence of you, me, the Earth and, ultimately, the universe (at least, this one).

Just to set the debate on a slightly more even keel, I'd like to point out that it was these very same scientists who, when searching for the "ultimate" signature and definitive evidence of the basis of matter (the so-called "Higgs boson"), dubbed it the "God particle."

This suggests to me that amongst the real scientists of the world there's still considerable debate on the issue of science as the only source of knowledge.

Paul Hadley

Grimsley Drive

James Island

There have been many people writing in with thoughts on the I-26 corridor situation. While the problem is under discussion by the highway department, I have a suggestion.

Years ago when the speed limit was 55 mph, I do not recall accidents being an issue in that area.

So put into place immediately a lower speed limit on a trial basis and enforce it.

If this puts a cap on the problem, the South Carolina Department of Transportation should realize discussion is no longer necessary and they can go on to other issues.

Larry Nysveen

Holly Ridge Lane


Christmas words from governor of South Carolina were that her best gift was a gun.

Obviously, the meaning of Christmas which is God revealing himself in the person of Jesus to bring light and peace to the world, and to love and care for all - especially the poor, children, and aged - was lost on the governor.

A gun is the symbol of destruction, damage, death.

A shameful example of a gift for Christmas.

Bonnie Seabright

Groves Manor Court

Mount Pleasant

What a great country we live in, when we can say anything we feel without being afraid of having our heads cut off of hanged.

We can even say get rid of someone in high places as the writer did in a Dec. 15 letter titled "Double exit," and find a paper to print it.

Ora Lee Buncum

6th Avenue

Mount Pleasant