Your editorial of May 21 concerning the Commission on Higher Education's review of InfiLaw's application for a license to operate the Charleston School of Law regrettably repeats misstatements of facts about InfiLaw.

You expressed concern about the attrition rate of students who attend InfiLaw schools. While attrition is a concern at virtually all law schools, using calculations based on data submitted to the American Bar Association, the attrition rate at InfiLaw schools is substantially the same as rates at similarly situated law schools.

Both you and the licensing committee referenced two lawsuits involving InfiLaw schools without noting that one of those was dismissed with prejudice and that the other is similar to lawsuits filed against a number of law schools, many of which have already been dismissed.

This latter case currently sits dormant as it has been awaiting assignment to a judge. Once that happens, we anticipate that it will be dismissed as well. Like all schools, InfiLaw schools are sometimes subject to frivolous lawsuits such as these.

We share your view that the commission must base its decision on solid, pertinent facts and believe, as did the CHE staff, that we meet all requirements for licensure. We are confident that we provide the brightest future for continuing the proud tradition and commitment to excellence of the Charleston School of Law, its faculty, staff and students, and we look forward to demonstrating our commitment toward the school to the full commission on June 5.

Jay Rossello

General Counsel

InfiLaw Corporation

Tamiami Trail North

Naples, Fla.

I understand that Nason Medical Centers have been ordered to cease their CT and Ultrasound Imaging Services and have fired all of their imaging personnel, secondary to a mandate by a "government entity."

There are many reasons why people go to Nason or other clinics in the community rather than the hospital ERs.

You all know what they are. The ERs know what they are. And clearly, Nason knows what they are.

Recently, my sister was seen at Nason for symptoms of a terrible cold. It turned out to be pneumonia. They also saw something else suspicious on the chest X-ray and performed a CT scan. She had a clear mass in her lung.

She has since been seen by a pulmonary specialist and a surgeon and the mass was confirmed. It was stated that many professionals could have easily missed this finding. Her surgery is pending.

If Nason had not had the capability of performing the appropriate diagnostics, along with the interpretation by the skilled imaging professionals, she could have walked around for months, or longer, without knowing this mass was present.

Jan Maria Pittman

Briarcliff Drive


There is nothing more infuriating to an American than having some terrorist threaten to harm children and the innocent so, I have to commend President Obama for sending a small military contingent to Nigeria to help find the 300 girls kidnapped from school by terrorists.

On the other hand, Obama should be ashamed of himself for disparaging former President George W. Bush for doing the same thing against terrorists and Saddam Hussein, who killed thousands of his own people and threatened the world. Further, the left-leaning news media are guilty of omission for ignoring scandals committed by Obama and his administration.

Fox News seems to be the only one bringing to light the wrongdoing.

It recently aired comments made by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who spewed out her ignorance saying that the Republican investigation of the cover-up of Benghazi was a political stunt and diversionary tactic.

She and her cronies say that evidence showing that the Obama administration misled the American people just before election time by fabricating a story that some video incited a riot that led to the deaths of four Americans, including our ambassador, isn't grounds for an investigation.

The mainstream media have done a disservice to all Americans by not reporting the history of lies and deceit coming from our president and his minions. Laws were broken, and people died.

What the Democrats have done is trivialize each and every incident, ignoring their guilt and denying justice to the aggrieved. It's despicable to say the least.

Gregory J. Topliff

Glenwood Drive


I have been a proud member of Charleston society for 45 years, and I have recently experienced something that I feel the rest of Charleston should be made aware of. I've attended various performances at the School of the Arts these past weeks and seen many talented children performing. It was very moving.

I constantly see negative articles pertaining to the lack of quality education in Charleston County. While I used to see some legitimacy to these claims, after experiencing the high level of performances at SOA I feel differently.

The complete involvement of the staff and teachers at SOA is absolutely amazing. My daughter is a freshman there, and what the school has done to help her grow, not only as a performer but as a young, educated lady, is quite amazing and gratifying.

While there will always be folks who find fault with our education system in Charleston, please join me in noting that there is a place where future leaders of this world are receiving not only a very high quality education in performing arts, but also educational skills that will allow them to fulfill their destinies and become successful in today's society - and do it efficiently.

Clifford Ryba

Romney Street