Headlines keep getting more humorous. Recently a story about the immigration bill was titled “CBO: Senate bill would lower federal deficit.”

We will have eight million more people on our welfare rolls, collecting Social Security and receiving Medicare, and this is somehow going to lower the deficit?

Is this like the claim that the Affordable Care Act would cost $900 billion? Today that CBO number is up to $2 trillion, and we aren’t even close to implementation.

Is this like the claim that we could keep our insurance if we liked it? Is this like saying “this is not a tax?” Sorry, there have been new lies coming out of Washington weekly for the past five years.

It is very difficult to believe that today’s headline is any different from what we’ve seen the past five years. This is just one more cruel joke on American taxpayers, who will ultimately pay for this charade. We granted amnesty back in 1986; that was supposed to be a one-time event. At that time, there were three million. This round of amnesty will include from 8 million to 12 million. How many will be in the next “one-time amnesty”?

We certainly need immigration reform, but this isn’t it. These low-wage earners will fill plenty of jobs, but they won’t make enough to support their families.

We will pay to support them and the American citizens who aren’t willing to compete with our new-found Americans for those low-wage jobs. The claim is always that we are only trying to help minorities and the poor.

When this bubble bursts, who will be hurt the most? Obviously, the minorities and the poor.

David Bourgeois

Chucker Drive


Reports are that no charges will be brought against the person who tied up the Ravenel Bridge for hours, inconveniencing thousands of people (“Monday traffic drama,” June 25), and who was coaxed down with pizza.

Who can condone such behavior in a city known for great restaurants?

So when I’m despondent over three-putting to lose a $2 Nassau on the 18th hole, I’ll hie to the Ravenel Bridge, clamber onto a girder and demand the crisp sweetbreads and sublime rack of lamb from the Peninsula Grill, with an unprepossessing red Burgundy (soft tannins and hints of wood sorrel, please).

All of that topped off with their sumptuous citrus pastry. “When it’s your time, depart with Key lime” has so much more panache than “Our pies save lies.”

George Vary

Black River Drive

Mount Pleasant

I liked the June 21 letter to the editor titled “Stern scrutiny” which referred to former Citadel leaders as those who “God’s got” now.

Though not directly connected to “The Citadel” another great leader will be right there giving a hand in those Saturday morning inspections — Capt. Ted Stern.

Jean Townsend

Clark Hills Circle

Johns Island

China, some many years ago, with only crude labor and no heavy modern equipment, built a wall about 1,300-plus miles long to protect their border from invading armies.

Yet our folks in Washington are moaning about protecting our southern border with a wall only about 700 miles long and much less massive, with every conceivable modern piece of equipment you can think of available. It’s just a no-brainer.

So there must be other reasons for delaying the construction of it. Wait a minute. Why didn’t I think of it sooner? It’s all about votes and political power and control by party positions.

It has nothing to do with protecting our borders or protecting the American people against terrorists and criminals crossing over to blow up our airports and cities. It’s all about both sides of the aisle in Washington seeing who can spit the farthest.

We already have immigration laws. Enforce them.

“Comprende, senors?”

Mike Moore

Pimpernel Street


Why is The Post and Courier obsessed with posting photos of sports figures with intimidating expressions?

In his most recent photo, LeBron James looks as if he was just handed a speeding ticket. You print far too many images of sport celebs displaying all 696 of their teeth.

In a much smaller picture on the same page, you show Sierra Armstrong with a pleasant smile and without a threatening stance. Which photo would tend to elevate the human spirit? The Beauty or the Beast?

Paul Johnson

Muirfield Village Court


Some who defend the feral cat trap-neuter-and-release program believe that most of us actually like having these pests in our neighborhoods and yards.

We don’t. The neighbor’s “indoor” cats who spend only “a little” time out each day are bad enough.

Even in areas like mine where there are leash laws, cat owners apparently think they don’t apply to them.

It is disheartening to watch our bluebirds work hard to rear three broods each year and then have cats catch and destroy some of them along with assorted finches and mockingbirds. Strickland is right that habitat destruction is a real problem, but so are feral cats, neutered or not.

Joe Sharpe

Kestrel Trail


A Thursday editorial contained an error. Veronica Capobianco lived with Matt and Melanie Capobianco for nearly 28 months.