A new cruise ship terminal for Charleston keeps hitting snags. Many are understandably concerned about possible ill effects on our beloved historic city.

What seems like a better solution would be to create a large cruise ship terminal across the harbor at Patriots Point, to accommodate the mega-ships.

This would bring a steady stream of much-needed tourist traffic to the USS Yorktown, USS Laffey, the National Medal of Honor Museum. It would possibly even save the USS Clamagore.

It would also boost alternative transit like the Charleston Water Taxi, since many visitors would opt to venture downtown anyway.

An elegant terminal could be completed on the peninsula, catering only to smaller ships.

This is just what the wise folks in Bermuda did - only small ships can dock at the charming 17th century town of St. George, while massive cruise liners must tie up at modern King's Wharf.

Lisa Denman

Hartnett Boulevard

Isle of Palms

In a Jan. 5 editorial you advocated South Carolina institute a mandatory motorcycle helmet law. You cited the costs to the public of treating head injuries after accidents involving people without helmets. You should have taken a position that helmetless bikers should shoulder their own medical bills.

You are quite correct that, if someone pays for another's medical costs, the payer should have the authority to limit his cost exposure by limiting the activities of those so insured.

So The Post and Courier wants to force cyclists to wear helmets.

Following this logic, we should refuse to authorize knee replacements for people who are overweight and cancer treatment for those who have smoked. It has happened in the United Kingdom in Manchester and York with their single-payer system.

Your solution to coerce helmet-wearing treats the symptom not the root cause, which is that someone else pays the medical bills.

The Post and Courier could endorse a law that prohibits the public from paying for those who have accidents without a helmet or mandates that helmetless cyclists have special insurance or a post a medical bond.

Or you could advocate abolishing government health care in any form and let individuals make personal arrangements for their medical bills.

Coercing additional restrictions to compensate for bad policy never ends. Those restrictions will develop problems, demanding more coerced regulations ad infinitum.

Fix the root problem, and let us get on with our lives, taking risks, enjoying the rewards of doing so or accepting the pain of failure if it doesn't work out.

We do not need a nanny.

Frank C. Leister

Archdale Street


What a contrast between the coverage of Hanahan City Council and Sullivan's Island Town Council.

Hanahan recently voted not to rezone a site to accommodate a new $28 million school, citing concerns about traffic, parking and green space, and concerns about having to raise taxes on Hanahan residents to make up for taxes and fees that would be lost if the site were rezoned.

The Post and Courier said people had a right to know what was going to happen in their neighborhood.

Yet when Sullivan's Island residents voiced those same concerns about a proposed $28 million school on front beach, The Post and Courier followed the lead of Sullivan's Island Town Council in implying that those residents were anti-children, anti-education, anti-diversity and elitist.

The Post and Courier said not a word as officials met behind closed doors for months to hash out the details of a lease agreement. Or when CCSD discussed the final lease in executive session and voted to approve the lease at a school board meeting that same night.

Or when the Sullivan's Island Town Council approved the same lease the very next day. Or when Sullivan's Island Town Council announced in December that it was increasing taxes and fees on SI residents to pay for a new Town Hall and infrastructure repairs.

Why are the citizens of Sullivan's Island treated so differently by their own Town Council?

And why are the citizens of Sullivan's Island treated so differently by The Post and Courier?

Barbara Spell

Atlantic Avenue

Sullivan's Island

A recent letter writer voiced his disapproval for the trap, neuter and release of feral cats program used across the nation as well as locally. Statistics show that the No. 1 killer of birds in the United States are windows not cats.

Some free-roaming cats, which also include housecats that are allowed outside, will hunt birds but then again so will other birds; it's the law of nature.

I see more hawks in my backyard hunting birds then I do feral cats.

By keeping the feral cat colonies fed, the hunting of birds is less important to them.

Paula Genovese

Hopeman Lane

Mount Pleasant

I assume the author of "Trust Fox News" on Jan. 9 is correct in that no one from Fox News has been forced to resign or fired for not telling the "truth."

Instead, these "news persons" bend, manipulate and shred the news to their agenda.

Mark Meyers

King Charles Circle