George Will in his Jan. 8 column quotes two books describing climate changes in the 14th, 15th, and early 17th centuries.

Mr. Will then attempts to use these examples to argue that they do not support "those who believe human behavior is the sovereign or even primary disrupter on climate normality."

How can Mr. Will explain that 97 percent of scientists agree that manmade climate change is real? How can Mr. Will explain that Americans are experiencing the impacts of climate change now - not in the distant future - through health impacts and extreme weather like droughts, floods, storms, wildfires, and heat waves?

How can Mr. Will explain the rise in sea level that will have a dramatic impact on Charleston? What significance does Mr. Will give to the major agreement recently negotiated with China to decrease emissions?

I hope that Mr. Will and others will open their minds and help preserve this planet for my grandchildren and everyone else.

Stewart Weinberg, Ph.D.

Howard Mary Drive


Union bashing is all the rage. No one studies or remembers history.

Before unions, men, women and children worked 16-hour days, five days a week, plus nine hours on Saturday. Union leaders fought and died for a 12-hour day, five days a week.

Rockefeller and Carnegie strike breakers shot and killed striking workers and their leaders.

Union leaders were shot, killed and jailed fighting for a five-day, 40-hour week, a living wage, and a few days of vacation. Thousands of workers were injured and maimed in horribly dangerous factories with no regard for safety. Union men died and went to jail before government and factory owners agreed to workman's compensation.

Workers were paid in scrip that had to be used in company stores where more profit was bilked from overworked men, women and children.

Married women were fired for getting pregnant.

Southerners have been completely brainwashed to hate unions but working people would all be wage slaves putting in 55 to 60-plus hours a week if not for union heroes who fought for workers against greedy corporate profiteers.

Since wealthy profiteers can buy politicians with legal $300,000-plus "campaign contributions," we have a country that has become a rich man's bribocracy; hardly a one man, one vote democracy.

We must not forget the hard battles fought by great men and women including Presidents Theodore and Franklin D. Roosevelt, Susan B. Anthony, Helen Keller, Eugene Debs, Jack London, George Bernard Shaw and many others who considered the working man worth having a living wage and being something other than a slave.

Think twice before voting for union-busting politicians. They are for big money, they collect big money campaign contributions and they are against working people.

Gary A. Ling


West Montague Avenue

North Charleston

I noticed that First Baptist High School recently won a doubleheader basketball game. This brings back memories to me. I taught high school math and was the assistant principal there for 11 years.

The smiling, eager faces (except on major test day) were pleasing, pleasant and inspiring to me.

Bud Walpole was an excellent student and outstanding athlete, moving on to be an experienced, successful coach.Anyone who questions his character just does not know Bud Walpole like I did.

Hats off to First Baptist and hats off to Bud Walpole.

Leon Gile

Leslie Street

North Charleston

Once again, our legislators are introducing bills in the state House and Senate that would prevent a woman who has encountered serious complications in her pregnancy from terminating that pregnancy at 20 weeks.

This bill is erroneously called "pain-capable," despite proven science which states that at 20 weeks the fetus has not developed the physiology necessary to experience pain.

It also assumes that this type of abortion occurs often enough to require government intervention. In fact, it is an extremely rare, and serious, medical decision.

The decision to have an abortion at 20 weeks is most often the result of serious complications in a wanted pregnancy.

Women do not impulsively decide after 20 weeks of pregnancy to have an abortion; nor would a licensed medical professional recommend that decision or undertake that procedure without sound medical justification.

Any legislator who is concerned about government interference in medical affairs should be opposed to these bills.

They represent a frightening condition of government overreach and control and threaten our right to privacy.

Agnes F. Pomata, Ph.D.

Foxfire Road

Wadmalaw Island