A recent editorial cartoon cries out for comment. Uncle Sam, surrounded by children at Customer Service, is on the loudspeaker asking if Latin America knows where its children are? The reality is that desperate mothers have sent children, or they came themselves, hoping they'll survive because they can't in their own countries.

What synchronicity - the arrival of these children, when corporations, aka people, are allowed to deny contraceptive benefits to women in this country.

This cartoon shows the ramifications of the Supreme Court ruling giving corporations rights to deny a health benefit to women it employs, based on personal religious beliefs. Yes, women can buy contraception at drugstores; however, the reality is that drug costs without medical coverage are prohibitive. Lack of those drugs might create the present scenario.

If Latin American women had access to contraception, we might not be seeing this painful reality. I am constantly sent requests to help feed starving Maria, the pathetic, emaciated symbol for children in many countries.

Adequately fed or inadequately fed, Maria will produce more Marias, partially because of a gag rule imposed by the United States in the United Nations, precluding contraception education from accompanying U.S. relief funds.

As we rush toward Third World status, denying science and putting our faith in the hands of the 1 percent, we bring forth unwanted, unwashed masses.

When Jesus said to suffer the children to come unto Him, no suffering was intended, yet we are doing exactly that to children. As minor immigrants come here, those who would preach against contraception, using the Bible as their defense, would send these children back to the desperate situation they sought to escape.

Viagra, vasectomies, etc., are paid for by health insurance, yet women are denied their rights. The unmarried teen-aged mom, poster child for abstinence, probably militates against contraception coverage.

The way we're doing business is ironic. It's a lesson in illogical conclusions. We want a healthy, peaceful world but deny that which could help create that world.

Let's remember the helplessness of the serfs, and the usefulness of the Bible to keep those unfortunate serfs less fortunate.

Gloria Cohen

Market Street


Recent stories in The Post and Courier have described tragedies due to children being left in hot cars and seemingly healthy individuals dying after exercise in a hot environment.

Early on, heat-related illnesses produce subtle symptoms which are difficult to detect.

Heat stress occurs when the temperature is 90 degrees with relative humidity 80 percent or higher.

Heat cramps can occur in any muscle group, most commonly the arms, legs or abdominal muscles. They serve as a helpful warning that heat illness is developing.

Heat collapse or heat exhaustion occurs if heat cramps are ignored or inadequately treated, and may sometimes occur without warning.

The skin and clothing will usually be wet from perspiration and the mouth will likely be dry, suggesting dehydration. When that occurs, move out of the heat, loosen or remove clothing, bathe in cool water and drink fluids. If improvement doesn't occur rapidly, get medical assistance.

Heat stroke is a medical emergency. The skin is hot and dry, sweating has stopped and the victim is often unconscious. Rapid cooling , fluids and CPR (if breathing has stopped) are required. Death can occur quickly.

Heat illness is much easier to prevent than to treat. These six steps are key:

Plan a work schedule that starts early in the cooler part of the day. Allow frequent short breaks.

Drink one-third more liquids than your thirst dictates Frequent small sips of water will do the job. One sign of dehydration is dark urine in small amounts. An adequate intake of fluids keeps the urine light colored.

A well-balanced diet supplies essential protein, calories, vitamins and minerals for muscle wear and tear and energy.

Wear light-colored loose-fitting long-sleeved shirt and trousers to reduce solar burn and body heating. A wide brimmed, open-weave hat will help to keep the head cool.

Look for early signs and symptoms of heat illness - headaches, dizziness, confusion, slowed speech or reflexes, irritability, lack of concentration, hot dry skin or lips and dark urine are all early warning signs.

Don't take chances. Learn to respect the heat and live with it. It takes two weeks for the body to become conditioned to periods of high temperature and humidity and no one is immune to heat illness.


Chair, Public Health

Standing Committee

Charleston County

Medical Society

Montagu Street


Each time I read Sen. Ernest Hollings' columns in The Post and Courier, I come away thinking what a treasure of insightful experience and plain talk practical solutions he offers week in and week out.

His perspective is tremendously refreshing in today's world of "political correctness," sound bites and media risk management.

I usually do not vote for the Democratic Party's candidate. However, I suggest we get a write-in ticket campaign underway in order to do our best to put Sen. Hollings back in his Senate seat.

Perhaps then we can have a true statesman with honest southern charm and integrity where we need it most.

Paul Shults

Cabell Street


I noticed a new sign on the door of our neighborhood liquor store, The Tavern. It says, "No Russian Vodka."

Vladimir Putin must be most pleased that we Americans exchange our dollars for Russian vodka with such enthusiasm. I suppose he assumes we are too soft and apathetic to change our habits, despite the fine alternatives available to us.

He is wrong about Gary Dow, of course, who owns The Tavern; the rest of us will have to decide for ourselves.

George Read

Church Street


Rep. Samuel Rivers Jr.'s recent op-ed was an accurate account of the Corps of Engineers' overzealous actions regarding the Clean Water Act.

Having battled the Corps for 14 years, I can say they will not listen to public outcry. I would love to see the people who have destroyed my life place their hands on a Bible and testify before a congressional committee.

In my opinion, the Corps' actions are worse than those of the Internal Revenue Service's and the Department of Veterans Affairs'. The damage is worse than Benghazi, the border problem and any other of the "false crises" that seem to be destroying our country.

The Corps disregards the current law for the Clean Water Act, which Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia said "they made a parody of." When convenient they disregard their own manual.

The late James J. Kilpatrick wrote: "Question: How did a roadside ditch get to be part of waters of the United States? Answer: A ditch is a federal waterway whenever a U.S. Court of Appeals says it's a federal waterway. This is the law according to Humpty-Dumpty. Words mean whatever that famous jurist chooses them to mean."

He also wrote, "These are cases the high court ought to hear. When a three-foot ditch gets the respect accorded the Mississippi River, we have floated into a wonderland indeed."

After writing, calling and begging my so-called representatives, senators and anyone else I thought could help, Rep. Rivers has the courage and insight to try to help "we the people."

I wish I could vote for Rep. Rivers. If I have the chance in the future, I would be proud to campaign and vote for him.


E. Main Street

Moncks Corner