There has been much discussion recently regarding the benefits of a possible merger between the Medical University of South Carolina and the College of Charleston. There is also an aspect of this possible fusion that should be of major interest to Lowcountry residents.

For many years, Charlestonians who have sought advanced degrees above the master’s level aside from the medical field that were not available online have been forced to make lengthy and costly commutes to other cities or relocate altogether to obtain these degrees.

This aspect has made it burdensome for Charleston area residents who would like to study for their doctorates, but cannot make the commute for financial, occupational, or family obligations.

Additionally, this state of affairs has led to a drain of such residents who could become an asset to this community and has caused local colleges to often seek elsewhere for potential instructors with doctorate degrees.

If this potential merger would cause doctoral programs to be available in the Charleston area, it would be an overall benefit to potential students and the Lowcountry community.

Damon L. Fordham

Morrison Street

Mount Pleasant

“Your Health” is a useful publication, often containing advice and tips that are relevant to my life. However, I found David Quick’s column, “Prescription for senior health: Resistance training” insulting on several levels, mostly to the people the article is meant to help, those of us over 65.

His high-handed, “if they lived here I’d make them come to the gym,” set the tone for the piece. And he was talking about his parents, who are in their 80s.

Shuddering, I read the rest. It had some valid points, but it soon turned into a marketing opportunity for ActiveRx.

Perhaps there are many seniors who can afford a $149 evaluation fee; however, most of us older folk have a fairly good idea about the state of our health, and that seems a great deal to pay to hear about it once again, in addition to the high monthly rate. I was insulted by the assumption that it is easily affordable.

And was it necessary, in an article aimed at the elderly, to tell us about someone who joked that Curves should be called Wrinkles?

I know I am wrinkled; I do not wish to be reminded. It was an unbalanced report and, by omission, insulting to local establishments that for years have been focusing on fitness for the aging population, such as St. Andrews Family Fitness Center, and others, or the one I go to — Curves in West Ashley. Yes, Curves, the one with the machines that Mr. Quick dismissed with his high hand.

At Curves, all of us do actually “get through the door,” and we spend 30 minutes or more moving faster than usual to music that we recognize playing at an acceptable level.

Curves may be a franchise but it fills a need at prices that are reasonable. There are levels and choices, a personal trainer being one.

Beth, the owner of the West Ashley branch, works hard to provide an environment that is spotlessly clean and welcoming.

Nobody is intimidated — most of us never wore Spandex first time around because it wasn’t invented, so we certainly feel no need to force the flab into it now. Although we do admire it, should it appear on a youthful body.

Next time an article is written for, and about, senior citizens, please ensure that it is well-balanced and free of arrogance. Alas! Spandex does not prevent aging.

Meyriel J. Edge

Ashley River Drive


When President Obama accepted the opportunity that peace which obtained the objectives of war without war was better than war with casualties and unknown consequences that might or might not obtain the stated objectives, it was the better “legacy.”

In listening to opinion, opportunity and opening doors, our president put aside any fear of misplaced criticism and boldly stood for peace and the protection of our young men and women in uniform.

Plus, he showed us as a nation of both heart and power while still promoting the idea that the willful atrocities of the gassing of innocent women and children should not go unchallenged.

Was the threat of military action the impetus for the overture for peace?

Certainly the weak would never admit it, and the strong can accept victory without the need to rub their opponent’s nose in the dirt, knowing also that cooperation is not a one-time thing.

And to the writer of the letter to the editor “Obama’s legacy,” as for the economy, I would offer Paul Krugman’s Sept. 16 column titled “A rich-get richer recovery” on the opposite page.

Bob Krogh

Stockton Drive

Mount Pleasant

As long as I can remember former Sen. Fritz Hollings represented South Carolina in the political arena. I was so impressed by his Sept. 11 column, I want to say that I (a younger senior citizen) could not agree with him more.

Every word written was a testimony to his continued mental acumen and makes much more sense than most of the articles written by the younger groups who have no idea of the true history of this country.

Through bad decisions and continued lack of experience and expertise in matters of the world, our president and his advisors continue to do one thing after another that makes America look weak not only here on our shores but to those around the world.

It would be great to have politicians the likes we have seen, but will hardly see again. Their wisdom and influence is greatly missed in the political arena today.

I hope and pray our leaders will wake up before it is to late. The cartoon above this article showed the Statue of Liberty with smoke coming from her torch that says “9/11 and Never Forget.” I, for one, will never forget, and if our government continues down this wrongful path I fear America will once again have an experience that will be devastating.

Our country is not making friends, but more enemies. And there is no indication that there would be any allies who would go to bat with us over the problems we are experiencing in the Middle East. For me enough is enough.

Stop the war, bring our troops home, quit giving away our hard-earned tax dollars to countries that only abuse the assistance we provide to them and start by making America a better and safer place to live, where jobs are available and citizens can once again be proud of what they have made and accomplished in their life.

There will never be another Fritz Hollings. He still exhibits a host of knowledge in world matters which makes sense and that anyone can understand. Such is our loss.

Cheryl G. Creach

Tuscany Drive

North Charleston

The military teaches us to always walk to the right-hand side on a sidewalk or in a corridor. This, of course, is a courtesy for the person coming toward you, it also prevents collisions. We drive our cars the same way.

It seems that local schools are not teaching this. Some establishments even forget to unlock one of the front doors, so while leaving on the right, we find it’s locked after flattening our nose.

Managers say the person who “opened” forgot to unlock it, well, that sounds kinda funny.

Robert Bullwinkel Sr.

Campion Hall Road


If the Republicans are serious about defunding Obama- care, they would pass a bill calling for all elected officials to be placed under Obama- care.

Once the House and Senate members realize they are no longer exempt, they’ll jump on the bandwagon to repeal it.

Next we can work on putting them on the same Social Security plan as those they represent. I don’t think our founding fathers ever intended to be treated differently than the common citizen.

David C. Bowers

South Constellation Drive

North Charleston