I am almost 90 years old, and I served in World War II. That war was in defense of our country.

I am tired of our young men being killed in support of nations who hate the United States of America. Did we not learn anything in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq?

We lost thousands in those wars. We need to get out and get out now: no troops on the ground; no planes in the air.

Clarence L. Brown

Violet Avenue

North Charleston

The League of Women Voters of the Charleston Area is not surprised by the discussion concerning the ACLU’s new report on racial disparity in marijuana possession charges.

Our own 2010 study of drug use in South Carolina (available at lwvcharleston.org under Issues & Positions) had similar findings. In fact in 2011, after review of our report and independent study, Leagues across the state adopted the position that all drug use and addiction should be addressed through education and health care instead of by incarceration.

Too bad Charleston County Sheriff Al Cannon, unlike other criminal justice reformers across the state, is so willing to dismiss the facts instead of seeking solutions.

If Charleston County is serious about reducing the possession of illegal drugs, then we need to acknowledge this is a health issue rather than a criminal or racial issue.

No wonder Sheriff Cannon does not want to talk about the $49 plus million S.C. law enforcement wastes each year on enforcing marijuana possession laws, when he so quickly acknowledges marijuana charges are simply thrown on top of other charges and/or are ticketed as gateway charges to build criminal records or generate fines.

It sounds like it is time to move that money to treatment and education where it will be spent on the reduction of drug problems faced comparably across racial lines.

Julie Hussey

President, LWVCA

North Shelmore Boulevard

Mount Pleasant

The U.S. Senate is evaluating paths for converting millions of illegal aliens to U.S. citizens. But one problem is not being addressed.

Not only have these individuals entered the country illegally, but they have probably failed to pay both federal and state income taxes.

Does the Senate have amnesty for federal tax evasion in its plan? Are all 50 states committed to amnesty for any state tax evasion they have perpetrated? Or will these individuals be prosecuted once they have identified themselves?

Will they have to pay back state and federal taxes?

In most cases, these are hard-working individuals who are seeking a better life for their families.

The American spirit is shown on the Emma Lazarus plaque inside the Statue of Liberty saying, “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest tost to me. I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

Just as most of our ancestors arrived in America looking for a better life, so have these people.

But it must be done right.

Terry L. Watkins

Wildwood Landing

North Charleston

I trust that the culprits who did the damage to Clemson’s “Howard’s Rock” will be found and, when caught, required to stand at the rock’s pedestal when the Tigers come down the hill at the first home game.

It could be very interesting.

Pete Rugheimer Jr.

Chisolm Road

Johns Island

If the short article concerning John Dingell as the longest-serving member of Congress doesn’t scream term limits I don’t know what would.

We need term limits now.

Stephen Claeys

Highway 17

Mount Pleasant

Teddy Gilbreth’s Line by Line column on the New York Giants and “Big John” Canady brought back memories. Back in the ’50s and ’60s, Charleston had City League Basketball which was made up of five or six teams sponsored by local businesses and manned by those in the business world.

Our team was Pinckney Carter Co. The teams played each other for the city crown, but our team also used to play teams from cities like Myrtle Beach, Florence and Harleyville for the sport of it.

Paul McMillan, a local attorney, was the center on our team, and Big John Canady, when he was in town, was the back-up center.

People used to tremble when this Man Mountain came in.

When he scrambled for a loose ball or rebound, anybody nearby was in danger of being knocked to the floor or into the stands.

One night we were playing Harleyville, and during the first half I had a pretty good game as forward. I grew up in Summerville, and at the half went over to the sidelines to talk to a couple of girls I knew.

When I went back to the dressing room and walked into the ante-room four town tough guys were waiting for me. They backed me into the corner to give me a good beating. About that time I heard this voice say, “Now we are not going to have any trouble, are we?”

The four tough guys turned and saw this Man Mountain and said, “We don’t have a beef with you!”

Big John said, “If you have a beef with Ed, you have a beef with me.”

With that, the four guys beat it out of the ante-room, and I almost kissed Big John. Then the local radio station pulled him aside to interview him, being a linebacker for the New York Giants.

The guys on our team I remember were guards Eddie Lockwood and Joe McInerny, and forward Gene Foxworth, when he could sneak out of The Citadel.

There were others, of course, but my memory ain’t what it used to be.

Ed Ball

Eastlake Road

Mount Pleasant

The June 16 Post and Courier featured an article titled “Downtown residents blame vandalism on drunken students.”

According to some, our quality of life in downtown Charleston is threatened by ominous cruise ships.

Their smokestacks belch diesel fumes and choke that part of the populace who inexplicably chose to spend a half million dollars plus to buy homes adjacent to heavy industry.

These claims have been debunked by scientific air quality analysis. The real threat to quality of life in the Holy City is neighborhoods overrun by college kids.

The city needs to clamp down on landlords who rent houses out by the room in the surrounding neighborhoods. These unlicensed boarding houses need to be shut down.

The college needs to purchase a swath of land north of Huger Street and house students away from the central campus.

Alfred Ray

Windmere Boulevard


I just saw here in Germany that Gen. James Grimsley died on June 12.

God’s got “The Boo,” “Col. Dick,” and now Gen. Grimsley on His staff.

That’s going to be one tough Saturday morning inspection for the rest of us.

Scott West


Space and Naval

Warfare Systems

Stuttgart, Germany

I think I know why the Tea Partiers and other conservative organizations were targeted by the IRS.

These organizations are against Obamacare and for the FairTax. The powerful lobby leaders on both sides of the aisle in D.C. are afraid to lose their power over the taxpayers so they sic the IRS on these organizations.

Dennis L. Compton

Filly Court

North Charleston