Folks here are desperate to find a “boogey-man” to blame for societal problems. This boogey-man can be a flag, a website, a person — whatever happens to be handy at the time. Polite society does not want to recognize our own imperfections.

The alleged killer, didn’t act because of a flag or a website, but because he is mentally warped.

The real story now is how left-wing groups are using this tragedy to further their agenda and how cowering middle-of-the-roaders and wannabe “conservatives” are jumping on the “please-like-me, please-like-me” bandwagon. It has become pop culture to condemn any and all things Southern.

Removing the Confederate flag is nothing more than appeasement to anti-Southern zealots, and it feeds their desire to press for further changes in the name of “progress.” This is not progress. This is retrogression.

In effect, pandering politicians are granting another reason for racial division.

Rocky Dee

Glenn McConnell Parkway