Charming Charleston is fast disappearing. The quaint and beautiful city still exists but is being destroyed by horrendous traffic, rude drivers, disinterested tourists and a general decline in civility.

Recently I came across a booklet published by Schindler’s Antique Shop (no longer in existence) in 1950. This wonderful brochure featured an article on the area’s attractions with photos showing moss-draped country roads, old plantations, Folly’s Atlantic Pavillion and ads for Brewton Inn on Church Street at Tradd Street (long gone), pictures of King Street with a massive sign above Belk in the bend of King Street at Beaufain Street — just like those on Canal Street in New Orleans. Henry’s, gone. Old Ironsides, gone. All movie theatres, gone. Kerrison’s and Condon’s, gone. Fort Sumter and Charleston hotels, gone. Pierates Cruze Gardens in Mount Pleasant, gone. Many charming inns in Summerville, gone.

The brochure showed a general view of how marvelous the area was before it became a year-round tourist destination.

Back then we had wealthy winter and spring visitors who were well-dressed and well-behaved.

Alas, it’s all gone.

Bill Bryan

Joy Avenue