I would like to thank the Democratic voters of this country for repeatedly electing candidates who are outrageously unhinged in their executive behavior and political actions.

This has effectively lowered the bar so much that Donald Trump actually has a chance to win the presidency.

Of course, only time will tell, but the antithesis of political correctness, foreign policy weakness, socialism and nepotism has entered the 2016 presidential election field.

While it might seem outrageous even to consider Mr. Trump a viable candidate, given his arrogance, crude rhetoric and socially controversial proposals, the most likely Democratic candidate appears to have become too unpalatable even for her own party.

Good luck, Mr. Trump. It’s a free country.

Go for it. If people continue to complain about your company having gone bankrupt in the past, just say, “Who better than someone with experience to turn around a bankrupt institution like the United States?”

At least we will be electing someone with experience.

Make America great again, Mr. Trump. We are ready.

Paul Culver

South Magnolia Street