In a recent op-ed, former Sen. Ernest Hollings urges that we “give President Obama a chance” on achieving a final nuclear deal with Iran. But which Obama?

The Obama who loftily proclaimed that Assad must go from Syria and promised harsh consequences if Assad crossed his “red line,” or the Obama who has witnessed multiple annihilations of his red line and runaway deaths at Assad’s hands and done virtually nothing?

The Obama who derided ISIS as the junior varsity or the Obama who finally was shoved by reality to do something to blunt ISIS’s drastic advances? The Obama who hailed Yemen as proof of the success of his anti-terrorism strategy or the Obama who watched a) the Yemeni president flee, b) the U.S. Embassy in Yemen be evacuated and c) Iran or al-Qaida surrogates seize control? The Obama who proclaimed that the U.S. was leaving a “stable and secure” Iraq or the Obama who now sees ISIS occupying large chunks of Iraq?

Is it any wonder that skeptics of a deal with the mullahs abound? The American people who are paying objective attention, the Congress and our allies are entitled to ask serious questions and receive straightforward, consistent answers.

Elizabeth Vary

George Vary

Black River Drive

Mount Pleasant

Directional tip

I was born and raised in Charleston. In all my 60 years I have never seen anything like the recent gunning down of one of our citizens by a North Charleston police officer.

I have a word to say about all of the outsiders that are coming down here like a bunch of conquistadors to sanctify and enlighten us unwashed Southerners about this terrible event.

The cop was from New Jersey.

Richard Davis

Gemstone Boulevard