The people of South Carolina need to stand in opposition to fast track. Fast tracking trade deals means fewer jobs, lower wages and a declining middle class. Fast track has been used since the Nixon administration to advance deals like NAFTA, which are sold to the American people as job creation measures.

However, these deals, written largely by and for the world’s largest corporations, don’t create jobs. Their main purpose isn’t even related to trade; it’s to enshrine rules that make it easier for firms to invest offshore and increase corporate influence over the global economy.

Fast track is an undemocratic, unaccountable and unacceptable way to develop economic policies that affect us all. America needs a new version of trade negotiating authority that brings the process out from behind closed doors and prioritizes making life better for people, instead of just making life easier for corporations. It’s time to stop believing the fairy tale that passing one more fast track trade deal is going to have different results.


Belvedere Drive