A recent letter to the editor from a doctor described a new syndrome called Limbaugh/Hannity Diatribephobia, addiction to conservative talk radio and Fox News.

I was somewhat surprised that despite being an M.D., the good doctor could only prescribe the temporary treatment of avoiding exposure to such conservative views instead of an actual cure.

It seems that mere avoidance was at best only temporary, and the syndrome could reappear during election times. I can state that there is a cure for Diatribephobia provided that you can keep a simple promise to yourself.

I, too, once viewed Fox News on a regular basis but found that when Sean Hannity split from Alan Colmes, his show became diatribes instead of discussions or debate and that other Fox shows seemed to follow the same path.

The cure I discovered is quite simple. I promised myself that for every minute I watched Hannity, I would have to watch Rachel Maddow on MSNBC for an equal amount of time. I soon found the MSNBC cure was so much worse than the Fox disease that I had no trouble avoiding further viewing.

More recently another letter, writer from Hanahan, in reference to the same letter, described still another syndrome, Condescensionpomposity Syndrome, for those who use academic titles when not germane to the issue, so I shall refrain from doing so. Since this is the third silly letter in a series, perhaps there is now a new syndrome, Ican’tresistsendinginasillyletteritis.

Gary Paddock

Bradburn Drive

Mount Pleasant