isory Committee (HAC) for Charleston County School District voted unanimously (nine of 13 were present) to recommend Making Proud Choices!, a safer sex program for 11-13 year old middle school minors. This program is promoted and funded by sexual rights agencies on the federal and state level. Abstinence is presented to children as equal to “avoiding unprotected sex.”

A similar action failed two years ago when trustees on the Strategic Education Committee actually read some of the sexually explicit and titillating pages in the curriculum.

However, it made no difference to the HAC that a dozen parents, grandparents, medical and education professionals testified against Making Proud Choices!

It made no difference that this program emphasizes sexual activity, rather than abstinence until marriage as the law directs.

The HAC chair commented that teens from married families might not need Making Proud Choices!, but teens from single-parent, urban families certainly need it. Low-income African American, Hispanic and white teens from single-parent families deserve to learn the same optimal sexual health message — abstinence until marriage — as those teens from married families.

Making Proud Choices! is a failed condom advocacy program.

In evaluations conducted in 1998, 2010 and 2015 the program showed “no effect” on condom use by the end of the program.

Making Proud Choices! will be considered again soon by the Strategic Education Committee consisting of trustees Chris Collins, Kate Darby and Chris Staubes. Making Proud Choices! needs to be stopped again because all of our children deserve better than failed sex-ed programs.

Mary S. McLellan

Kilmarnok Way