Wrong on Iran

I respectfully disagree with The Post and Courier’s April 20 editorial “Welcome Iran deal oversight,” which states: “The Corker-Cardin bill, though a compromise, already represents a big step in the direction of giving Congress back an effective voice in national policy.”

I wholeheartedly agree with Andrew C. McCarthy’s opinion, which is clearly stated in his April 18 column in National Review: “The Corker bill isn’t a victory — it’s a constitutional perversion.”

McCarthy writes: “To summarize, the Constitution puts the onus on the president to find 67 Senate votes to approve an international agreement, making it virtually impossible to ratify an ill-advised deal. The Corker bill puts the onus on Congress to muster 67 votes to block an agreement. Under the Constitution, Obama’s Iran deal would not have a prayer. Under the Corker bill, it would sail through.”

Stephen C. Kratovil

Ashley Avenue