While visiting Charleston from Milwaukee, I was delighted to read the Sept. 2 “Save the receipt” article on “Knock-off Worcestershire Sauce.”

Way back when, up in Milwaukee, my great-grandparents, Gustave and Hilda Pabst, also made their own Worcestershire Sauce. Their recipe replaced much of the traditional malt vinegar with Pabst beer, another liquid high in malt. It called for anchovies too. Many of the other ingredients are the same as the recipe published in the Charleston Mercury in 1863.

Our old family recipe produced such an outstanding product that I decided to brew it, bottle it, and name it after my great-grandfather Col. Gustave Pabst. It’s available in Charleston now at Southern Season.

By the way, Gustave Pabst was the longtime president of the United States Brewers’ Association, and spent many years living in Virginia while fighting prohibition in Washington, D.C.

Now I wonder if he got the idea for making Worcestershire sauce from his time in the South.

Thank you for the great piece of culinary history.

Kate Quartaro


Col. Pabst Family Recipes

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