Let me get this straight: In the Republican primary, over half the votes were cast against Donald Trump, but he gets all our delegates? I know the S.C. Republican Party uses a winner-take-all system, but how does this system represent the will of those who voted in the primary? Would it not be more representative of the will of the people to designate the number of delegates based on the number of votes cast for each candidate?

If the Republican Party selects a bully/braggart/blowhard media mogul as its candidate, I cannot in good conscience vote for this person. Neither can I vote for someone who has no problem lying to the American people on national television.

I am used to voting for the lesser of two evils in a presidential election, but I would be hard pressed to do so in the coming election.

If the electors of a state are not legally bound to abide by the popular vote, I hope they will think long and hard about the character of the person they select to fill the office of president.

I do not know if Ben Carson can win the nomination of any party or win the national election, but I sure would like to find out what he could do for our country.

Ann Felder

Gilmore Avenue

Holly Hill