Regarding Jennifer McDermott’s April 29 article “Offshore wind farms — slow start”:

How much of this “slow start” is due to push back against green energy? She might have added that wind power is about three times more expensive than coal fired power and that there is serious scientific doubt about human produced CO2 emissions ever having a significant effect on climate change.

This is real money that investors are being asked to risk for something that disappears when the wind dies down or is too high, and therefore must have something that fossil fuel generators don’t need — a backup. Wind farms can be destroyed by high winds, too.

Our president is walking us right into the situation where we are going to need wind generation and solar to replace fossil fuel generation.

Read “Climate Change: The Facts” by Dr. John Abbot and Dr. Robert Carter, and open your eyes before it is too late. This book is written by leading experts and commentators on climate change, in our language. This knowledge is applicable in one way or another to most current events regarding the planet.

Do your kids a favor. Become your own expert.

Jim Self

Long Bow Road